What a stunning numerology code unfolds during the New Moon on May 18th (late on May 17th Pacific Time)!

It’s time for the Taurus New Moon!  Taurus traditionally governs our values, beauty and finances – what you most value in life. Including how you value of money and your attitude towards generating abundance.

With an equally stunning Abundance Activation code in place, this is a New Moon to remember!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • May is a 13 Universal Month. 13 adds up to the number 4 which allows us to manifest our creations into physical form.
  • This New Moon occurs on a 22 Universal Date, which also adds up to 422 is the Master Number of Peace, Balance and Manifestation.
  • The Sun and Moon are at 26. 26 adds up to 8, governing lasting wealth, eternal life and leadership.
  • Mercury Retrograde begins at 13 degrees in Gemini (its home sign) for incredible insights on HOW you can Manifest your Abundance ideas!

That and so much more is covered in your special May New Moon Abundance Forecast.

See all the Heavenly Codes unfold during the Second Half of May.

Discover how Venus adds a dash of luxury and beauty to the mix.

And watch how Neptune weaves exquisite colors of light through your life for a deep spiritual awakening…

May you enjoy the beautiful blessings of this Taurus New Moon!

With Love and Light,


I'd love to hear from you! How are you feeling in the days around this special New Moon/ Mercury Retrograde moment? Leave me a note below!


  1. KMF May 12, 2015 at 5:13 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much for this! I’m currently at the crossroads of 2 very different Life/career directions and conflicted in choosing where to focus my energy as both present opportunity for fulfillment and happiness.

    Option 1 presents the “relooking at the past,” returning to my previous career with fresh eyes and renewed excitement after a 4 year sabbatical. This would offer some much needed security following a financial rollercoaster as an entrepreneur and the stability would free up energy for personal creative projects. Question is: am I returning to what is safe or “known” because of past programming and scarcity, or am I honoring my true needs that will enable me to grow and be my most creative self?

    Option 2 presents the “moving on from the past” in continuing on as an entrepreneur with no safety net in a big-risk-big-rewards scenario. But given the setbacks and being depleted both energetically and financially, I am questioning if seeing this through is something I even want anymore. This option forces me to face my fears and trust the unknown but there is also a big difference between healthy growth and what can be ultimately hindering when not feeling safe or supported.

    Being someone of many interests and talents I haven’t had a clear-cut path tied to my deepest desires but also feel I haven’t been true to expressing all I have to offer. So my challenge this week is to dig deeper, hone in, and then go for it like never before! My numerology # is 11 and I’m a Cancerian : )

  2. marigold May 13, 2015 at 5:55 am - Reply

    I feel hopeless and down, all my years hoping to have my own house,but notting is happening in my life.

  3. Amy May 13, 2015 at 12:36 pm - Reply

    I watched your video and found it very interesting. I have been feeling very very anxious and don’t know why, like something is going to happen, but not necessarily bad. I am a Gemini, and Mercury retro always affects me, and with this one happening in Gemini, with the new moon, at the beginning of my solar year, I’m not sure what to expect! I’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction and changing my thinking and having a positive outlook, so I hope this brings me the abundance I’ve been hoping for, particularly with relationships. Thank you!

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