Mercury is at a standstill and begins moving direct again today – a most powerful time for any planet.

The impact is heightened tremendously anytime a planet changes direction…

But in this case the impact is even greater!

Mercury stops in its tracks at 27° Scorpio – creating an exact GRAND TRINE that will last for a few days with Chiron (27° Pisces) and the Moon’s North Node (27° Cancer).

All three are in WATER signs.

  • A Water Grand Trine expands abundance while exploring deep emotions….
  • Healing and happy results will unfold if you go with the flow, literally – surrender and create.

Water dissolves… as emotional burdens and painful memories can be shared with a close friend, mentor or creative writing – and released.

Mercury transits usually last for a day or two, but this time is different.

Since BOTH and Chiron are changing directions and moving much more slowly, this Grand Trine is in effect now and until early next week.

So, not only are they forming an exact trine – but will again on Sunday.

Thus the impact of the Grand Trine is powerful indeed – we will feel this gorgeous, peaceful, harmonious energy from all angles.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be in touch with your feelings.

  • Be totally present.
  • Have deep compassion.
  • Forgive and let go.
  • Then notice how good you feel about the future!

If you allow healing and love to nurture your Soul and expand your heart, the North Node ensures you feel more positive about the future than you have in a LONG time.

You anticipate wonderful gifts moving forward.

A Grand Trine at 27° magnifies the number of love, compassion and wisdom – opening the petals of your HEART.

So let bygones be bygones.

Communicate what you need to – but always with compassion.

Mercury is the Messenger and now enhances uplifting, compassionate connections with others.

As you accept what was not visible before now and allow it to rise up to the surface, what is made visible ends up being totally inspiring.

Share your inspirations. Magical moments will appear…

Don’t be shy about making your heart visible.

Welcome the gifts as they are offered.

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Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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