On March 22, a master number day in an 11 Universal Year, Mercury stations retrograde in Aries.

This is an exciting retrograde period…

Contrary to popular belief, when Mercury retrogrades we have an opportunity to reflect and re-position our strategies.

This deepens our understanding and allows wisdom and information to assimilate.

As a result our voice carries a greater impact.

Without Mercury retrograde periods every 3-4 months, we wouldn’t have the renewed clarity  to forge ahead and use our newfound wisdom in a pro-active way.

Mercury communicates through speech, written words, color, movement and sound.

In Aries, Mercury is getting us in touch with our inner initiator.

Mars rules Aries, and the highest expression of Mars is the Sacred Masculine.

We all embody the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine – the yin and yang, dark and light – in our spiritual and physical DNA code.

The sacred masculine frequency has been manipulated to mean aggression, especially by mainstream media which focuses nearly entirely on conflict and divisive drama.

Now is the time to make a conscious decision and shut those narratives OFF.

Turn to sources that inform and inspire without an aggressive tone – those that enhance what is for your HIGHEST good.

Now is the time to turn inward and trust your intuition on what feels good vs. what doesn’t quite sit right with you…. We are moving away from what has been “normal” for so long on Earth – violence, being judgmental, aggressive disagreements – and turning to LOVE.

Mercury retrograde in Aries brings any repressed anger or inner conflict to light.

Addressing these emotions of inner conflict and division will allow you to transcend fear and channel the energy into confidence, determination and wonderful courage.

  • Breathe through your thoughts feelings now.
  • Allow them ample room to reveal themselves…

The passion in your heart is wanting to speak – the messenger Mercury igniting your internal fire.

Use your voice to set the record straight… always with Love.

Re-evaluate your beliefs, re-examine your ideas, re-ignite the fire of your inner voice and allow it to be a powerful co-creator in your life.

Aries, the first sign, directs energy.

Now Mercury retrograde in Aries is directing your inner self talk to be a catalyst for dynamic change.

Listen closely, and set yourself free…

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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