We are on the threshold…

2020 begins now.

And that means, many in the self-help community are encouraging you to set goals for the next year and decade.

This exercise is appealing, but – how many truly benefit?

2020 is a double 20 code of balance, harmony and perfect vision.

2020 takes us deeper than ever into the meaning of the 2000’s – the union of you and Spirit, you and the other, interdependence and compassion.

We are in the midst of birthing into a new understanding of how to LIVE FULLY.

Achievement does not need to arise from directing energy into goals.

Achievement is a constantly evolving two-way street. You and Spirit working in tandem to achieve high vibrational outcomes.

When you set your target on a goal by pointing in one direction to an end-point, you easily LOOSE SIGHT of the overall picture along the way.

2020 is about using your precious second sight:

Intuition and perception are awakening within you at a more profound level.

Keep this in mind:

  • You can only set a goal at your current state of being.
  • You can only set a goal at your present level of understanding.
  • You can only set a goal based only on current knowledge.

Presently, you know what’s best for you.

However, that does not leave room for mystery, for growth, for natural expansion.

It doesn't leave room for your future evolution.

When setting a goal, you assume that you know right now what’s best for you in the future.

This is not possible.

If you set a goal – it will be set for your current level. You won’t know how you feel in one day, one month, six months from now.

Your experiences in the future will not align with your goal.

How can they? It's not possible to know how you’ll feel about any goal you set now.

So, goal-setting inevitably results in confusion and disappointment down the road.

Current thoughts drive your desires.

Tomorrow’s thoughts will redirect your focus based on tomorrow’s desires.

You will select differently at different times.

So what to do if you don't use the old paradigm of goal-setting?

  • 2020 asks you to TRUST.
  • Trust in the PROCESS. Trust in Divine timing.
  • Trust in your innate ability to grow, thrive, change, perceive and transform.

With the intense Capricorn Stellium (Saturn, Pluto, Sun, Mercury conjunct in Capricorn), a change in top-down leadership and one-directional goal-setting is transforming our systems and structures.

  • Instead of dedication to external outcomes…
  • …we are moving into a devotion of the process.

If you are not devoted to what you are doing right now, your goals are an illusion.

It’s not that you cannot set a goal to give you something to aspire to, but it is far more effective to be consciously engaged in what you are doing.

Keep in mind that many goals are taken from other people.

They are not inspired from within.

They are not EXPERIENTIAL.

If you devote yourself utterly to what you are doing at any given moment in time, you will go as far as you can go.

Don’t be concerned about reaching a finish line.

Reaching a goal does not guarantee lasting happiness. Very few people can maintain consistent levels of joy after completing a goal.

Also, not reaching a goal can leave you more frustrated and downcast.

So it is not the setting of goals that matters.

It is the process itself.

The times of unnatural goal-setting are dissipating…

The time for inspired DEVOTION is here.

Your ability to accomplish things is enhanced only by you being totally devoted to the process.

By involving yourself with total abandon, you generate miracles.

Nobody has achieved anything of profound value without being utterly devoted to what they are doing.

Mediocre results are everywhere.

Significant achievements only arise from significant devotion.

Don’t worry – contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to dangle a carrot (your goal) to create internal motivation!

Internal desire is NOT fueled by your expectations of what you’ll GET (your goal).

Internal desire is enlivened by joyful engagement.

Your excitement to live a beautiful, intense, passionate, significant life is the fuel that sustains you all day.

Devotion is replacing goal-setting.

So, on this New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, refrain from focusing on the end-results.

Focus on what matters to you most.

Focus on Joyful engagement what you're doing at any given moment in time.

Do this no matter what.

Maintain that devotion and you will have manifested a truly meaningful, blissful existence.

Happy 2020!!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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