More Thoughts on Election Day
Hi %$firstname$%,
Yesterday during a beautiful Spring evening, I spent some time reading the emails many of you sent me after last week’s Presidential Election newsletter.
Many were along these lines.
“On Friday, I made a similar comment regarding Obama to a friend of mine – it was just a ‘sense’ of caution and possibility – but it was a very definite ‘sense.’
“Thank you for bravely sharing this information. Prayer can change events.”
Here’s another observation.
“In remembering a recent email from you about a possible attack on Obama or McCain, I got to thinking about the recent bad choice of past circumstance Hillary Clinton used to describe why she is staying in the race.
“Makes me wonder if she unknowingly predicted the future.”
Dan, you bring up an interesting point. Sometimes a possible trend or event is already ‘in the ethers’ so to speak. People pick up on it subconsciously. In fact, this was not the first time Hillary Clinton spoke about Bobby Kennedy’s assassination in reference to remaining in the campaign.
Another example of picking up on a ‘possible outcome’ is Mike Huckabee’s recent remark.
Usually he has a great sense of humor. But, while he was speaking at the National Rifle Association conference, Huckabee made shocking remark after a loud bang behind the stage.
He said, ‘That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He’s getting ready to speak and somebody aimed a gun at him, and he dove to the floor.’
Now, why would he ever say something like that. Why did Clinton bring up Bobby Kennedy, who didn’t even enter the Presidential race until six weeks before his assassination, explaining why he was still campaigning in June.
Again, I feel both are ‘picking up’ on a POSSIBLE trend or event.
What’s important to remember is that Nothing is written in stone. Predictions are conjecture, because, in the final analysis, we have the power. President Abraham Lincoln was warned repeatedly about his assassination. He even dreamed about it and conveyed his concerns to his bodyguard. This is documented.
Had Lincoln listened to his own intuition and other people’s warnings as well, he would not have left his bodyguard home the night he was shot.
So our response is very important. I wanted you to be aware of this possible outcome without getting fearful. It is in knowing about this possibility that we can focus and create a positive change.
Numbers reveal many tendencies about your life and trends in the future. Numbers are a language, a code. Listening to your code, and always acting on it in a Positive manner, is the key to success.
I am in the process of uncovering more details as they relate to the Presidential election.
As for Vice Presidential running mates, there is a good chance Obama will choose Hillary Clinton. John McCain is likely to choose either Bobby Jindal or Charlie Crist. Jindal has the edge.
One reason I write about people and events is to show you how numbers affect everyone.
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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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