Rosie O'Donnell debuted her new variety show on NBC last Wednesday. It was November 26. The show has already been axed from NBC's lineup.

I will get to Rosie in a moment. First I want to look at this date in relation to the tragic events in Mumbai, India last week. I received several emails from friends and clients Mumbai. To all my friends in India and those families affected by the bombings, my heart goes out to you.

One client, SKS mentioned he often visits the Taj hotel on weekends. SKS – I am thankful you were NOT at the Taj Mahal on the 26th of November.

As for that number 26/8, at times, and in certain number combinations, it can result in fateful events.

Consider that 26 is full of contradictions. It can attract power and abundance. And yet, 26 indicates ignoring your intuition and listening to bad advice. This is why, in some number recipes, numbers 26, 35 and 44 may result in disappointments.

If You are born on the 26th, you have a unique power and compassion for others. As long as your current name is fortunate, this number can help you create miracles.

Two examples of this are the late Paul Newman and Ellen De Generes.

Both born on the 26th, both very powerful, successful and wealthy. Their current names are highly fortunate numbers.

As for Mumbai – this city was known as ‘Bombay' for decades. India officially changed the name to Mumbai in 1996, but only since 1996 has the new name been picked up by the world's major media outlets.

‘Bombay' adds up to 17/8, a very powerful number which also happens to directly tie into the 26/8 November Day.

Unfortunately the name ‘Mumbai' is a double-edged sword. In the ancient Chaldean system used for current names, ‘Mumbai' is an 18/9. 9 shows how this city extends itself to others in a humanitarian way. It is the largest city in India and a favorite with tourists.

9 also shows an ability to lead and attract abundance. Additionally, ‘Bombay' was a 17/8 name so this 8 and 9 combination made this city the financial capital of India.

However the new 18 name for ‘Mumbai' indicates ‘materialism wanting to destroy the spiritual side of nature.' It can result in deception from others – often resulting in upheaval.

In 2006 the Associated Press made a decision to use the name Mumbai instead of Bombay. On July 11, 2006 Mumbai had a series of train bombings within an 11 minute time period. This happened on a date which reduces to 8.

Now, from what we are hearing, in September India was warned about the November 2008 attacks. The owner of the Taj hotel has gone on record saying security was picked up when this information was passed on to him. Then, a week before the 26th, these extra measures were reduced. Who told him everything was ok.

There's one more number to bring into this equation. ‘India' adds up to 12/3. 3 is a very expressive number – think of the amazing history, beautiful culture and Bollywood.

The flipside of number 12 can result in a victim mentality. You can see this expressed in India's caste system.

Well, November was a 12/3 Universal Month, making a connection with India. So there was a challenging recipe of numbers in November with India and in particular with Mumbai on November 26th.

As for Rosie O'Donnell's short-lived show – Rosie is in a 16/7 Personal Year right now. This is definitely NOT a time to launch a big new variety show on NBC. Anytime you're in a 16/7 cycle life is meant to slow down. It's an introspective time. Like a sabbatical.

On top of that, November was an 18/9 Personal Month for her. This 16-18 combo is not a good time to launch a big new project.

Fortunately the name ‘Rosie O'Donnell' adds up to a good number, 21/3. It's really an appropriate number for Rosie, because 21 symbolizes victory after a long struggle. So she'll be back again and again.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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