Have you been feeling a bit anxious or more activated in the past week?

It’s to be expected…

Eclipse season has arrived! Welcome to August! Two eclipses lead the storyline – but there’s lots more going on.

Starting with the powerful juxtaposition of numbers 1 and 9 – endings and new beginnings.

  • August is an 18 Universal Month which reduces to the root number 9.
  • 2017 is a 10 Universal Year, which reduces to the root number 1.

When numbers 1 and 9 intertwine a shift is inevitable.

And, when this combination occurs during a big Eclipse cycle – the effect is dramatically enhanced!

Talk about a big shift in the numbers and stars at the very same time!

Definitely count on the unexpected in all parts of your life. Be willing to learn new things, be flexible and malleable.

Your security and peace is dependent on being open to change.

Even with strong intentions about what you want to manifest this month, stay curious! Relax and be open to other possibilities. Anything goes when eclipses merge with a code signifying both culminations and fresh starts.

With so much intensity is in the air, it's important to FEEL.

Tuning into your heart will allow you to release and purge old ways of thinking. 18 invites you to take time to rest and heal. And 9 brings things to a close.

As you clear out the old, you prepare space for beautiful, exquisite new directions.

So, it’s not the best time to start new projects.

  • 18/9 governs endings
  • Mercury goes retrograde on August 12, turning your thoughts inward
  • Two eclipses will darken the light turning your attention internally, and clouding up clarity for a while

Eclipses are deeply introspective events.

So I'm thrilled that we will be experiencing a Mercury Retrograde AND the 18/9 code at the same time – this will help to soften the impact and slow down the intensity so you can breathe and reflect!

It’s likely you may have a pivotal experience, yet won’t exactly know what it all means…

Planning and major decisions will be hard to come by in August, so wait… be patient, and allow yourself to open to the internal shift without needing to define what it all means to you, and how you should proceed.

To guide you on this intensely empowering journey, turn to the Premium Wealth Forecast – your detailed daily map of the universal celestial codes.

Navigate this pivotal month with serenity and confidence, by aligning with the stars and numbers.

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Love and Blessings

Tania Gabrielle

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