What a wonderful New Moon in Sagittarius on December 7!

Sagittarius governs joy, exploration, expanding horizons, wisdom, the law, trust and gratitude – and the Sun and Moon are joined with Jupiter, RULER of Sagittarius!

Jupiter’s impact creates a DOUBLE dose of happiness!

Sagittarius symbolizes an unquenchable thirst for wisdom, being a student, philosopher, engaging in the unfamiliar – expanding your mind.

Jupiter – the largest planet in solar system – merges with the Sun and Moon signifying a big shift in your conscious awareness about your own abilities to grow, expand and thrive.

This New Moon broadens everything – it broadens understanding and brings unlimited possibilities.

You are searching for the meaning of your life – the purpose of your life.

Now you can fearlessly explore what sets you free and engage only with what uplifts you to the core.

  • Mercury stations DIRECT one day before the New Moon on Decenber 6!

Helps you be touch with your deepest emotions, desires, and to make adjustments in your financial flow.

  • Chiron stations DIRECT one day AFTER the New Moon on December 8!

Healing and love are greatly expanded – and visible in your external life.

The following two transits have a great impact during the New Moon:

  • 90° square between Mars / Neptune and the NEW MOON.

Mars and Neptune conjunct (joined together) at 13° in Pisces, the number of the Divine feminine and life, death, rebirth transformation.

Neptune brings tremendous compassion, and Mars heightens and expands your spirituality, and uplifts your energy in a more ethereal way.

  • Mercury Rx in Scorpio is exactly trine to Chiron

Chiron is at 27° Pisces and Mercury is at 27° Scorpio.

This powerful trine between Mercury retrograde and Chiron – at the exact moment BOTH are stationing DIRECT again – awakens your inner warrior, your inner shaman, your inner healer, your inner spiritual nurturer. Everything that you brought from previous lifetimes regarding who you were as an intuitive.

You're drawing on sustenance and wisdom from your past lives… ALL this wisdom you already acquired over many, many eons of lifetimes.

You are finally taking to HEART this is who you truly are at Soul Level.

This is who you're meant to be.

A spiritual warrior.

This is how you're meant to serve.

Your Divine Light is awakened in you.

So beautiful! What a gorgeous New Moon in Sagittarius!!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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