life is goodWith the Aries New Moon tomorrow, the time for new beginnings and forward momentum is spectacular.

So is the opportunity to welcome surprises – and there will be many!

Uranus conjunct the Sun and Moon on Thursday is all about the unexpected and sudden – with the potential of major awakenings. As you shift into a new period of your life, your heart opens up wide in recognition of your unique gifts:

  • Uranus is about your Uniqueness.
  • The New Moon in Aries celebrates New Beginnings across the board.

And with Mars, ruler of Aries, in the compatible fire sign of Sagittarius, a strong emphasis on the fire elements allows you to awaken your fire within – especially strengthened now since Mars is starting its slowdown process before retrograding on April 17.

So, this is a time when important life patterns are falling away while new opportunities are everywhere.

Everything that is no longer viable, all that is not contributing to your vitality (Mars) is disappearing.

That opens up the doors for a rebranding of your life!

For one, you’ll want to be EXTRA sure that your current name is fortunate, so you’re set up to embark on this new journey and take FULL advantage of the amazing blessings it has to offer.

The degree to which you can easily design your Destiny is greatly affected by the frequency of your name.

Fortunate names bring additional support and a sense of safety. Whereas challenging name spellings have a greater tendency to attract hurdles, interfering energy, unsupportive people and frustrations.

Fortunately, a challenging spelling can be changed!

At this major juncture in 2016 when a natural code of letting go (9 Universal Year) and starting fresh (Aries New Moon) is already in place, it’s a wonderful opportunity to look at your NAME.

  • What frequency are you emitting every day of your life?
  • What code is being sent out to the universe?
  • What is your spiritual calling card?

For nearly 80% of people the answer is: a frequency of frustration.

Frustrating obstacles, annoying distractions (that keep appearing in similar ways), and slow progress. Lots of energy expended on putting out fires – or outward success coupled with inner turmoil.

Imagine living your life in a flow that feels SO GOOD you consciously create miraculous shifts at any time.

That is what a fortunate name vibration will enable you to do.

YES, you still need to participate in the creation process! The difference is – the Universe is fully on board supporting you, bringing you opportunities, windfalls, and positive surprises.

Much faster and more effortlessly!

The universe responds to all the frequencies you emit day in, day out … It recognizes positive energy and showers you with more of the same.

As a result, with a fortunate current name, you have far LESS distractions and difficulties that keep you from living your purpose.

Imagine trusting the universe with your life.

A universe that is fully on board with your purpose and destiny.

That's what it feels like to have a name that resonates to be positive frequency!

Here’s the other thing.

Many people have more than one current name. Some include a middle initial for signatures, or they have one version for work and another for personal…

Not recommended.


Because two (or more) names dissipate your energy. Even if they are fortunate!

It’s like handing a new person you just met two calling cards when you introduce yourself. Confusing!

Your name has such a huge IMPACT on your life. It's one of the MOST powerful spiritual and practical assets you have when it is fortunate.

This is true, whether you know about it, or not.

I invite you to discover the “secret frequency” that runs your life!

Click here for your Fortunate Name report.

Imagine something as simple as your NAME dissolving negativity and attracting opportunities – like magic!

Love and Blessings,


P.S. If you’re name resonates to a challenging number, I’ll be sure to create two new highly fortunate versions for you! You can even follow up with me by email one more time with any questions you have, after you receive your “Is My Name Fortunate?” report.

Click here for your Fortunate Name report.