new zealand quake.png

Last September, a 7.1 quake
rattled the area around Christchurch, New Zealand. Today, a 6.3 quake and
several aftershocks have caused far more destruction.


And it happened just as New
Zealand moved from an 11 Personal Year to a 12/3 Personal Year.


In Earth events, 11 cycles can
symbolize division, as in earthquakes. 12/3 cycles can indicate feeling
victimized by unforeseen events.


Today's quake occurred on February
22, a 4 Universal Day. The major earthquake six months ago occurred on
September 4 – also a 4 Universal Day. Remember, the number 4 literally
represents the Earth, grounding and architecture.


This is why we are seeing more
earthquakes in 2011. If you look at the numbers – 2011 reduces to 4, and it is
the 11th year of the century.


But it is never just one number,
like the 12/3 year for New Zealand, that acts in a vacuum.


For New Zealand, today is also an
18/9 Personal Day. Since 18 for a country can mean power as well as deception
and dangers from the elements of nature, having the 18/9 combined with New
Zealand's current 12/3 Year and 14/5 Personal Month shows how these numbers can
combine when it comes to earth changes.


New Zealand's 14/5 Personal Month
adds the element of risk, sudden events, change and extensive media coverage.


It is the number 9 in triplicate, which
shows why this earthquake was so powerful.


18 reduces to 9.


Today's earthquake was a 6.3
magnitude, which adds up to 9.


The quake struck at 12:51 pm local
time. These numbers also add up to 9.


So a triple 9 was active in this
event for New Zealand.


9 is the King of Numbers,
indicating completion, endings and power. In combination with 12/3, 14/5, 18/9
and the 22/4 Universal Day in 2011 – this is a very potent mix.


May the people in and around
Christchurch, New Zealand recover, heal and rebuild their lives as quickly as



The numbers 18 and 12 are also
active for dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi.


Gaddafi's name adds up to 12/3,
just like Hosni Mubarak's did. So both dictators had names that reflected the
victim/victimizer frequency in current names.


Gaddafi is in a 16/7 Personal year,
which indicates major, sudden change that can feel like ‘falling from a high
place'. For Gaddafi the 16/7 is especially important since he was born on a 7


Note that Libya's protest movement
began on February 16 – a sure forecast of the future for Gaddafi and his


The number 18 is reflected in
Gaddafi's current personal month. 18 for a leader or country can bring on
revolution, strife and deception – as well as martyrdom.


It is no coincidence that Egypt reflects
the number 18 as well right now.


Egypt is in an 18/9 Personal Year,
was born on an 18 Day and had an uprising that lasted 18 days.


May we all send positive, healing
thoughts to the people of Libya during their time of turmoil and quest for
freedom from dictatorship.


Remember to connect to your personal
cycles right now. You have an amazing opportunity to reach levels of awareness like
never before. 2011 is truly and extraordinary year.


Today, 2.22.2011, is another
powerful day of awakening and new beginnings.


Know how to activate your numbers
positively, and you will manifest the most wonderful and powerful changes in
your life right now.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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