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Level II Special Offer for Numerology Academy™ Members!

Welcome to Numerology Academy™ Level Two – Advanced Practitioner Training!

Dear Level I Member:

I am absolutely thrilled and so grateful that you have decided to continue your journey with Numerology Academy™. And I know that the Level II Advanced Practitioner Training is going to take your practice and your abilities as an Astro-Numerologist and a Divination Arts Intuitive to a whole new level.

If you’re shifting into this work professionally, Level Two is particularly important so you can work with your clients CONTINUOUSLY! This program provides you with a ton of flexibility in structuring your programs and services beyond the initial Astro-Numerology reading.

What you'll learn in Level II:

1. Personal Shift Number

Discover how to do the use the powerful Personal Shift Number Reading to help your client see how their “Shadow Side” causes blocks that keep them from stepping into a life of prosperity and happiness. The Personal Shift number is in itself a powerful tool for shifting lives. You’ll find that this reading may become the new cornerstone of your astro-numerology practice. You’ll be able to structure a comprehensive reading and a forecast for any situation your clients experience.

2. Three Pythagorean Planes of Expression

We’ll be taking a deep-dive into the powerful 3 Pythagorean Planes of Expression. Discover the specific growth areas each soul has chosen for this particular incarnation, and see how those lessons are impacting your clients  right now, so they receive clear solutions about how to positively and pro-actively address what is holding them back – until now.

3. Relationship Readings

Next you’ll learn how to do relationships readings. Besides health and finances, relationships are the topic intuitive practitioners are asked about most, and this reading will open up a whole new world of understanding relationships (personal and professional) in a whole new way. We will delve into relationship compatibility between two or more people from a numerology perspective and from a completely new astro-numerology perspective. This reading applies to lovers, parents and children, employees and employer, business partners, mentor-student, friends… every important relationships in life.

4. Secret Codes & Shapes in Astrology Birth Charts

Discover how hidden numbers' codes in the astrology birth chart influence your personality, habits, perception and general life orientation and what the sacred geometrical patterns, created by planetary relationships to each other, signify. Watch with delight and amazement how the symbolic shapes come to life!

5. Current Cosmic Alignments (Transits and Progressions)

We all want to know how the current energy patterns in the heavens are influencing our lives right NOW! You’ll learn how to interpret the current planetary transits and progressions the astro-numerology way. How are the numbers in the heavens relating to your client's Birth code? Which numbers in their birth chart are being activated right now, and how will this affect them moving forward?

6. Astro-Numerology Forecast Reading

Finally, you’ll discover how to answer questions about the future with accuracy and integrity. It’s a given that your clients will ask you about possible future outcomes. You can tell a client a whole lot about their future forecast, but you need to know how to do so with discernment and accuracy. This is another area where the combination of astrology and numerology gives you the most detailed structure and guidelines. Learn these forecasting tools while always cross-referencing your client’s Soul Code Map for the greatest impact and service!

***Each lesson includes several case studies to help guide you in your own practice and so much more!


Here is what is included in the Numerology Academy™Level II program:

  • Extensive Practitioner Powerpoint PDF of each lesson for your reference. [$240 Value]
  • Six in-depth online, downloadable webinars. [$360 Value]
  • Mp3 sound files of each training video so you can listen anytime. [$150 Value]
  • One private 30-minute coaching session with me, so I can work with you individually on refining your astro-numerology and intuitive skills and answer any questions you have. (must be scheduled within six months of your investment in the program). [$500 Value]
  • As always, you’ll be able to benefit from ongoing support when you ask your questions on our monthly Numerology Academy Practitioner Support calls. [$997 Value/per year]

You will receive immediate access to the first webinar video and files once you register. Thereafter you will be able to access a new webinar and supporting materials every week.

Your investment is ONLY $1,297 $697.00
or four monthly payments of $187.00

**Special $600 Discount for Numerology Academy Level One Members ONLY!**


I look forward to supporting you in your journey with Numerology Academy™!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. If, after working with the first two modules, you for some reason decide this training is not for you, simply contact my team for a full refund. You MUST make your refund request before access to Webinar Three is emailed to you. Refunds will not be issued once the content for Webinar 3 is sent.