sungazing-solar-healing1May, 2015 ignites our Universal Year number 8.

Infinite Imagination.

Infinite Possibilities.

Infinite Resources.

Anyone who tries to analyze eternity, love, happiness – will fall short.

Analysis separates you from that which you are seeking to understand. Instead of bringing you closer to the energy, you distance yourself when you analyze.

To tap into the eternal, you need to access your vulnerable, creative state. That is where your infinite resources live.

The eternal and sacred live in your heart.

Are you happy with what you have?

Do you feel gratitude at this moment in time – for everything as it is now?

If not, take a look at what you are holding on to.

Not accepting your current life with gratitude means you are discontent.

Now, you may be wondering how on Earth you can move forward and make positive changes if you accept your life as beautiful already?

Goals are important. They don’t exclude happiness NOW.

Rather the reverse is true.

A happy YOU right now expands your infinite imagination!

In the acceptance lies the gift – the freedom to explore MORE of a good thing!

8 is the number of bringing the above into the below and sharing the inner and outer, heaven and earth continuously – eternally.

When you respect this natural ebb and flow, you inevitably experience an amazing connection to others.

You see others as part of the whole – part of yourself!

In order to feel that connection to divine source, you must not isolate yourself from others.

Isolation separates you from your greatest source of strength.

Yes, we all need room to breathe, time alone to reflect and replenish our resources. As long as we bond emotionally with others.

Imagination, which births the seeds of abundance, is actualized through love.

2334Have you reached across to another person today and sent love their way?

Could be a stranger.

Could be a friend.

Could be a child or an elderly person.

If you stop loving others, you deny that very same love in your own life.

Sharing joy is joining joy.

Sharing love is being love.

Happiness never needs to be explained. It is the most natural way of being.

When someone asks you, how are you? And you say, “ecstatically happy!”, you immerse yourself in your infinite capacity to create happiness at will. You are shifted, and they are shifted.

Open up your heart and soul and solar plexus to the nectar of love.

Have you laughed with someone today?

Laughter is  your instant God connection! Laughter melts all resistance and separation. You can’t be separate from others when there’s something to laugh at and you're smiling from the inside out!

The twinkle in your eye is a source of Light to others.

Share your imagination, connect through your creativity. The act of sharing will instantly open up your inner resources.

And know this. Prosperity thrives in your imagination FIRST.

Explore and imagine…. immerse and indulge in your capacity to create miracles and magic. Today. And every day.

Live freely. Love openly. Imagine forever.

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Abby Moneyhun May 18, 2015 at 12:45 am - Reply

    I am so impressed with all the info in this video. You’re so articulate… and well versed. I appreciated the way you packed a ton of valuable info into a few minutes. You are super gifted lady!! Thank you for sharing your gift! <3

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