Re-election bid.png

When I woke up yesterday to
President Obama's re-election bid announcement, I laughed. Because I
knew – he knows his numbers.


You may have noticed that
yesterday was 4.4.2011 – which translates to 4.4.4.


Barack Obama is born on the 4th.
So is the U.S.


Number 4 carries a symbol of
destiny and fate for him when it is reinforced in a date like it was
This is because numbers 4 and 8 in any combination with each other are
magnetically and fatefully attracted.


Remember, President Obama was
elected on November 4 in 2008.


He is the 44th U.S.


His name ‘Barack Obama' adds up to


He is currently 49 years old,
which reduces to 13/4.


Furthermore, April 2011 is a 19/1
Personal Month for him. 19/10/1 is a very important number for him.
Destiny Number adds up to 10/1 – so in essence, he is activating his
this month.


Plus, his 1 Month indicates that
he is in a New Beginnings cycle – perfect time to announce his second
bid for
the White House.


And as it happens, yesterday was a
23/5 Personal Day for President Obama. How fitting.


23/5 and 32/5 were called
‘Politician's Numbers' by the ancients. These numbers are incredibly
and draw crowds – every politician's dream.


The U.S. has a 32/5 Life Purpose
Number. So again, there is direct connection.


To recap – yesterday President
Obama activated his 4 Day of Birth, his 1 Destiny and his political
These numbers also connected him to the U.S.


It shows yet again that the elite
-royal, business and political leaders – know their numbers. They
frequency and work with cycles to accomplish their goals and further


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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