taniagabrielle-aa6d8d34-eecd-4bc3-b72c-b1eb0c6bd947-v2Now that the big eclipse is over, we can turn our attention to the beautiful, heart-centered month of October.

For 31 straight days, we’ll be immersed in the warmth and wisdom of number 9.

October’s 9 activation invites you to make room for endings, experience deep release, immerse your heart in love and compassion, and embrace generosity and gratitude!

In the next weeks we’re rapidly becoming more aware of what is going on WITHIN us… beyond our conscious awareness.

This cosmic theme of Love is defined by our willingness to RELEASE and RENEW.

By now you probably realize what part of your life has really intensified and wants your attention! You may have more than one aspect of our life amplified in the last few weeks. I certainly feel the upgrading in my life – across the board!

Most likely HOW you talk, define your truth, step into each moment – all of how you approach life – has been shifting…

And the changes are starting to feel so GOOD!!

Whether it's your love life, career, relationships, your business or financial abundance – something so exquisite is evolving, growing, expanding…

You’re handling things differently.

Maybe ALL of your life is changing! (One part inevitably shifts all the OTHER parts.)

Bottom line is…

  • You are being cosmically guided more than ever before.
  • Your longing for spiritual liberation is magnified day by day…
  • Your psychic awareness is exploring a much wider territory than ever before, so you’re relying on your “inner guidance system” with much more confidence.

Fortunately, to help you to recalibrate, transform and step into EVERY part and angle emerging in your life with confidence, October is the bearer of some wonderful celestial gifts to help you facilitate your transformation!

And, in the NEW Premium Monthly Forecast for October you'll learn about the next 31 days of transformation in great detail !

Some of what you’ll discover:

  • The amazing Number 9 Double Magnification Effect unleashed EVERY day in October — and how it will shift you for 31 consecutive days.
  • There are several really lucky days next month…know exactly which days magnify fortunate opportunities. so you can leverage them!
  • Which two consecutive weekends activate an exquisite code of love and romance! 🙂
  • Discover the amazing Abundance Astrology formation that gets stronger and stronger as the month goes on bringning peace, joy, fortune, devotion, creativity and passion to your love life AND your finances!
  • Know when you'll have one of the biggest Breakthrough Days for love and transformation of the entire year!!
  • The one perfect “rejuvenation weekend” for a healing retreat (you'll definitely want to immerse yourself in tranquility on this particular weekend).
  • How the New Moon in mid-October continues the storyline birthed during September's Supermoon Lunar Eclipse – and what this means for you now.
  • Which incredible day unleashes a strong Triple Manifestation Code (this only happens ONCE every 9 years)!
  • Discover the amazing Day of Spiritual Transformation when the heavenly Astro-Numerology code creates a divine energy matrix activation – this will be an opening of your intuitive heart center that helps you embrace your exquisite galactic connection. The experience and energy unleashed on this day will help you feel cosmically connected and able to explore your unlimited potential!
  • A beautiful Full Moon at the end of October which coincides with a Code of Love, Compassion, Sisterhood and Brotherhood in the stars and numbers.
  • … and, of course – detailed day-by-day descriptions of all 31 days in October!

Every day emits a unique celestial message, which I DECODE for you by reading the alignments in the stars and universal dates.

Imagine knowing ALL the details one Month in ADVANCE…

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Now go create a magnificent October!

Love and Blessings,


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