May LIVE WEBINAR SCREEN SHOTToday is May 13, and in 2013 the meaning and message of this number is magnified. Welcome the unexpected today!

13 attracts transformation in whatever way it needs to occur – through a surprising turn of events, sudden upheaval, and out-of-the-blue opportunities.

What you can count on with this number is that you will experience steady, irreversible change.

On Wednesday, May 15, I present my live virtual event “Face Your Fears… and Prosper in 2013”. You will learn the astounding astro-numerology secrets of the next 6 months – and how the number and planetary codes specifically activate for YOU.

Only 9 spots remain, so be sure you have your virtual seat!

Click here:

This webinar will give you the tools and foreknowledge you need in order to thrive.

You’ll discover the specific areas in your life you’ll want to focus on right now. Understanding your own code in relation to the universal codes gives you amazing opportunities to build an abundant life on solid ground that will last.

In 2013 those shifts, when understood and embraced, attract abundance. 2013 is a 6 Universal Year.

6 births our soul’s creativity in such a way that it results in abundance.

13 allows you to transform your perspective and make room for astounding shifts.

13 adds up to 4, which enables you to manifest your gifts into physical reality and lay down groundwork that lasts.

So, if you are ready to prosper and thrive, join me on Wednesday.

Register here:

I’ll ‘see’ you LIVE in a couple of days!

Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Wednesday’s live webinar includes a live Q&A session with me. Also, if you miss any part of the webinar, a replay video will be available to you after the broadcast.


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