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So much has happened in the past
few days. During my seminar powerful tornadoes devastated the South. Authorities
say it is the worst natural disaster in the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina struck
New Orleans in 2005.


More floods are expected from the
South through the Ohio Valley today.


As I explained in my seminar, the
number 2011 will intensify and magnify events over all spectrums of our life -politically,
personally and for the Earth.


Last night it was reported that
Osama Bin Laden had been killed at his compound in Pakistan.


The announcement in the United
States of bin Laden's death came on the same date -May 1 – that Adolf Hitler's
death was announced in 1945.


Also fascinating is that Osama's
death came under Obama's Presidency – two similar sounding names. As can be
expected, the numbers for bin Laden, the United States and the world are
amazingly telling.


Bin Laden was born on March 10,
1957. That gives him a 10/1 ‘Instant Manifestation' Day of Birth and a 26/8
Life Purpose. His Destiny Number, based on his birth name, is 116/8.


So Osama has a Double 8 – a number
of power, abundance, survival and overcoming obstacles.Power can be used for
good or evil.


The fact that the most hunted man
on the planet was able to stay alive for so long indicates he had a lot of


His current name number shows why.


‘Osama bin Laden' resonates to 24/6
– a perfect current name number for someone who has a 4 or 8 in his or her birthday.


Even the spelling ‘Usama bin
Laden' used by some media outlets, resonates to another highly fortunate
number, 23/5 – the Royal Star of the Lion. There is no doubt his current name
frequency gave him protection, no matter what his mission was.


Of course, it is inconceivable
that Bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan could have been constructed without
knowledge of at least some Pakistani officials. White House officials are
quoted as saying his hideout was custom built in an area favored by retired Pakistani
military officers.


Bin Laden's fortunate current name
shows why the most famous fugitive on Earth was supported.


He was backed by people with
uniforms, ranks and the resources of bureaucracies behind them. These people made
sure he and his family were comfortable and safe.


During the Year of 2011 Division or
Peace are on the world and personal agenda all year long.


For the world, 5.1.2011 was a 10
Universal Date which reduces to 1. And May 1 was a 1 Universal Day.


Double 1 equals double new beginnings.


The United States is in a 14/5
year of media, sudden events and pivot points, since 5 is the pivot middle
number between 1 and 9. May is a 1 Personal Month for the U.S. This symbolizes New
Beginnings in a year of Change.


May 1, 2011 was a 20/2 Personal
Day for the U.S. – a number of peace, cooperation and diplomacy.


As for Osama bin Laden, he had
just started an 8 Personal Year on his birthday on March 10. Remember two of
his three most important numbers – his Destiny and Life Purpose – are an 8. So
he died in a year during which the 8 was activated for him and doubly triggered
in his birth blueprint.


Any 8 or 4 in your birthday
indicates a natural attraction from people, dates and events which also
resonate to 4 and 8. These seem ‘fateful' and ‘destined.'


In bin Laden's case you can
definitely see that the 8 activation of his birth blueprint was fateful and
karmic. Osama's previous actions assured that the repercussions would fall on
the karmic scale.


This becomes even more clear with
his Personal Month Number for May, 2011. It resonates to 13/4. Osama had just started
a 13/4 Personal Month hours before his death.


13 is the number of Death,
Transformation and Rebirth. 13 reduces to 4. Numbers 4 and 8 have that unique
relationship in numerology. They are magnetically linked, and when triggered
with each other precipitate a unique fateful energy.


So, bin Laden not only had an 8
Personal Year, but also a 13/4 Personal Month to contend with in May 2011.


Finally, his Personal Day on May 1
was a 14/5.


14 is the Media Number. The media
and Hollywood will be covering his assassination and life for a long time.


Remember, the U.S is in a 14/5
Personal Year now, tying the country directly to bin Laden's death numbers.


Keep in mind, 9.11.2001 was a 14/5
Universal Day.


9/11 is being commemorated in 2011
since the horrific event occurred 10 years ago. Now the commemorations will
begin months earlier. This makes sense in a year that is 14 for the U.S. and
the date of death which is 14/5 for Osama bin Laden.


The U.S. is also in a 10/1
Personal Month in May – new beginnings, just as the Universal Numbers show as


Memories of division will be
triggered by Osama's death. And since it happened in 2011, the reactions to his
death will be intense.


Words are very, very powerful. And
so are acronyms.


The most famous acronym for
F.E.A.R is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real'. It was coined by Zig Ziglar.


When people think of Osama bin
Laden, the word ‘evil' comes to mind. Here is an acronym for E.V.I.L. that came
to me in preparation for my seminar.


E.V.I.L. is ‘Energy as Violence
Instead of Love.'


My own positive acronym for
transmuting evil into a life supporting experience is –


Emerge Victorious In Love.'


Love is the great healer. Love
will transmute any division. Nothing else can. So always choose Love in the
face of evil.


Here is another great acronym I
recently heard of that has helped me transmute fear into positive action.


Think of F.E.A.R. as – Feel
Excited And Ready


How can you worry and fear the
future if you feel excited and ready? In fact, this acronym shows that you can
get excited about fear – since fear is a natural emotion that can be used with
great positive effect.


There is another powerful tool
everyone has.


To create happy outcomes and feel supported
at all times for the rest of your life, make sure that your current name
resonates to a Positive number.


Birth numbers, including your
birth name, are neither positive or negative. However, current names are very
unique. They fall into their own category. The frequency your current name
emits will either Activate your birth numbers positively or negatively.


So be sure your current name is


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Here are two other positive
acronyms for E.V.I.L. – ‘Energy Vibration In Love‘ and ‘Easily Victorious In