Heart Full Moon picToday’s Pisces Lunar Eclipse at 12:07 pm Pacific Time (3:07 pm EDT) is an invitation for your Soul to heal and enter the gateway of blissful abundance.

Take this time to breathe.

Take this time to feel your heartbeat.

Create space on this special day for Peace.

Eliminate all urgency… allow calmness to pervade your day.

Slow down….

I have found in the past weeks that slowing down has allowed me to receive more than I could ever have imagined.

Imagine taking the time to appreciate your life. Miraculously you begin noticing exactly those things you have been seeking – things you missed when you were trying to manage too much at once.

My time away from home (where I create and work) in order to rest, reflect and appreciate in a new way the beauty and natural rhythm of my life by pulsating in tandem with the vibrant life of the jungle and sea in Belize was instrumental in helping me see what is truly nourishing and meaningful and abundant…

I created that space by going to Belize for 10 days last month – opening up to experience Paradise externally and within my soul and this enforced pause has brought many many gifts since then

Today, this weekend and beyond, the Pisces Full Moon Eclipse creates such a moment universally.

Inner Paradise rediscovered.

Pisces, the sign of serenity and peace is beckoning your soul to REST.

In resting you experience an awakening so grand, so exquisite, you'll be stirred to tears.

Yes, this eclipse is exquisite! You are being called HOME to the stars.

Mercury is retrograde and Mercury is the ruler of Virgo – (the Sun is in Virgo opposite the Moon in Pisces during this eclipse) – and this celestial lineup invites Paradise through reflection, prayer and gratitude.

Go on a healing journey into your heart and soul.

Feel the sacred pulse of life in every leaf, word and breath.

Release the challenges, the anxiety … slow down. There is nothing you must hurry towards.

Slowing down is the best strategy for fulfillment, for success.

When you race towards your goals you won’t experience the fullness of the miracle your heart yearns for. You won’t feel the exquisite birth, death and rebirth as you utterly let go and embrace the freshly present, new scent of life.

Urgency is an emergency – only required on occasion, but not as a lifestyle. Racing through life brings partial experiences and leaves out the core essence of living on purpose, on fire, immersed in your joy.

Give yourself the SPACE and TIME to feel the experience of this moment for your highest good.

Time is usually measured in linear form. However, Pisces reminds us that Time and Space are free, bendable, flexible… and this miraculous sensation can only be felt when you align with the natural flow… when you slow down and breathe your soul to life.

This Pisces Lunar Eclipse is a call to listen.

Coming right before the Equinox in Libra next week and at the moment Mercury retrograde culminates, the call for Balance and Peace and Healing is deeper than ever.

Calming your mind and body allows you to experience Eternity, where time and space exist as one.

That’s the moment you understand – if you rush, you will miss life altogether.

If you take your time, and you move through life in a conscious way, you are going to be enriched by life, by love and by light. You will have a few experiences that mean more than all the many rushed experiences combined.

So slow down and transform your mind to focus only on quality.

Quality is the greatest abundance.

Choose the quality moments that speak directly to your soul.

Unfold slowly. No matter how you find yourself. This is not you checking out – it is you checking IN – by cultivating mindfulness.

It is not filling your day with non-stop movement. It can be you choosing one quality thing that enriches your life today…

No matter what it is, remember to eat, rest, share and love in Peace and Stillness.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Watch the Pisces Lunar Eclipse Forecast Video for more on the extraordinary blessings coming your way.




  1. Caterina September 16, 2016 at 6:23 pm - Reply

    Thank you Tania for this incredible and informative information . I’ve always been very intrigued with planetary
    Insights and info .. I’m an AQUARIAN born 27-01-1966 . And feel very drawn to the spiritual realm .
    Once again , thank you ..
    You are an inspiration for me
    Caterina. xxx )0( xxx

  2. Carrie September 17, 2016 at 4:38 am - Reply

    I love this message you shared with us about slowing down! I think this might be my favorite of your messages so far! It is so true that we can’t really fully enjoy what is going on for us in life if we don’t take the time to slow down and focus on what is important to us. I like to aspire to being like a sea turtle – they are infinitely wise, take their time moving around (although they can swim fast when necessary), and they enjoy relaxing and sunbathing on the sand. My kind of happy life!

    You have shared several gems of good advice in this message: Allow our soul to rest (how often do we think about that?); urgency is not a lifestyle (please tell that to all those urgency crazed corporate executives!); give yourself space and time; move through life in a conscious way; cultivate mindfulness; and choose one quality thing that enriches your life today!

  3. Nancy September 17, 2016 at 11:15 am - Reply

    Magnificently eloquent wisdom, Tania! Taking time to act with conscious deliberation and love for my activities and daily routine is what I strive for — though in this day and age I feel like part of a very small minority. Thank you for your validation that it’s what we do and how mindfully we do it that matters much more than how much we can cram into our days.

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