brilliant-lightI experienced a deeply personal epiphany today.

In the process of learning that one the dearest people to me had crossed over, I discovered something quite beautiful. I learned the only option when feeling the pain of loss is to let go of my belief of separation.

Death is not the end. It is a profound transition. It is as natural as birth.

Another epiphany amazed me.

That, Love is a moment-to-moment decision.

I had a choice to open up – or close the door.

I reached out to beloved friends and family and was showered with with love and tenderness. How love heals!

So I am writing to you this evening on how the number 11, activated all month long, opens profound doors into healing dimensions.

In the final week of March 2015 we are experiencing the deepening of the profound “Master Number” 11/2. Everything was intensified even more by the incredible 11:11 Solar Eclipse on March 20.

11 is a portal to a life beyond sorrow.

11 opens you up to see beyond your fears, beyond belief systems, even beyond your hopes, which are often derived from outside expectations.

One critical aspect of this potent number is – separation.

Without even realizing it, you can separate from the source of heaven.

And it happens in an instant.

What separates you from joy is made visible when you step through the 11 portal – into the unknown. When you risk letting go of what you KNOW, to experience the UNKNOWABLE.

I am stepping through the 11 portal more than ever, and so are you. What is made visible is the light of truth:

  • Separation begins when you become defensive about what your personal experience of heaven on Earth is.
  • Separation also happens in an instant when you take offense to something someone says to you.
  • Separation occurs whenever you force your cherished views on anyone.
  • Separation is the cause of all pain and suffering.
  • Separation is contrary to life.

Truth comes to everyone differently. That's what makes us unique.

Give freely of yourself without any excuses, without obstacles, without any judgment, and you’ll thrive in ANY environment, in any circumstance and remain in a state of balance and wholeness.

Allow others to do the same, and you will be at peace with everything and everyone.

BOTH 11 and 2 must be understood to the core.

In March’s 11/2 Universal Month, you have an amazing opportunity to CONSCIOUSLY engage your heart and mind to merge with the temple of God within.

Your inner temple is your source for everything abundant and joyful.

Walk through the 11 gateway into your temple of joy and light.

Feel your natural lightness of being!

  • 2 brings peace through reflection… by reaching into your inner heaven through contemplation.
  • 11 is the Gateway of Light you enter upon reflection.

The light of love and joy is eternally alive in you.

Tend to your inner temple – always speak from within its beautiful realms. Your temple is your eternal source of love. Reach into your eternal source at ANY time to replenish your energy and inspire your urge to create – to rekindle all your joys, and magnify everything abundant.

Do this through music, meditation, movement – whatever connects you easily and instantly to beauty, mystery and peace.

Endless sources of love reside WITHIN you.

What you cherish most – freedom, love, happiness, peace – these never need to be searched for.

What you seek to find has never been lost!

It's just been HIDDEN from view.

The light within you is always being reflected everywhere you focus your attention.

Now more than ever, 11 is beckoning you to open the gates and allow the divine light to flood your life with love.

2 is the relationship you forge between Heaven and Earth, when you enter the gates of heaven within.

You are a Star in Heaven. Heaven lives within you.

With Love and Gratitude,