Your Name is More Important than you think!

The Secret Hollywood Movie Stars Don't
Want You To Know!

It's a well known fact that many famous movie stars, musicians and athletes underwent a name change. Who would Gene Wilder be today if he kept the name Jerome Silberman? Who would Demi Moore be if she kept the name Demetria Gene Guynes? Could a Ron Reagan ever be elected President? If Marilyn Monroe was still named Norma Jean Mortenson, would she have become a wonder child? Did Cassius Clay’s name change to Muhammad Ali make a difference in his life?

Dear Friend,

Would the world have fallen in love with Westerns if the main star playing the cowboy was called Marion Robert Morrison? I don’t think so. Hollywood insiders knew what to do. They changed Morrison’s name to John Wayne.

Would the world have been a stage for musician Stevland Hardaway Judkins? Not a chance. Thankfully, this musical genius changed his name to Stevie Wonder.

What about Eldrick Tonter Woods. Ever heard of him? Probably not. He was smart enough to change his name to Tiger Woods.

Now, what do you think? If these people had not changed their names, what chance of success would they have? I say Zero! And I can prove it to you.

Your given name at birth and the date you were born have a far greater effect on your destiny than you may realize. They do not control your destiny. You still have the power. But these factors influence it and carry with them tendencies that you may not be aware of.

The ancient Greek wise man Pythagoras discovered this 3000 years ago. So powerful was his rediscovery of the power of numbers that his students were sworn to secrecy.

Languages were built around numbers. People in ancient days understood – what most people today are clueless about – that every single letter in our alphabet, regardless of language, had and has an affect on everything around us.

If your name is Ignatius it will have a very different effect on people than if your name is Ted or Nate. If your name is Susan, that has a very different vibration than the name Sue.

Hollywood Movie Stars look at many things that you may not realize. The secret is, that there is power in a name change. Every name has a different effect. We know this. But what the stars didn ’t tell you is that each of the names they chose created master vibrations.

Why don’t Billionaires use Nicknames?

Did you know that when Forbes recently listed the 400 Richest Americans, there wasn’t a single Pete, Mike, Dave, Katie, Barb, Ken, Shelly, or Bob. There are a lot of Michaels, Peters, Richards, Charles, Williams, Davids, Barbaras and James.

You may have a nickname that you prefer to go by. Perhaps you were named Michael at birth and you decided to go by Mike because you liked that.

Well, do you know that the two names carry completely different vibrations affecting your level of success? Mike is much weaker version of Michael. Four powerful letters have been stripped away – C, H, A and L.

It isn’t Saint Mike the Archangel. It’s Saint Michael, the Archangel.

Why did basketball legend Michael Jordan not go by the name Mike Jordan? Or star swimmer Michael Phelps – who just won 7 gold medals and broke five world records at the world championships – why doesn’t he call himself Mike Phelps? Because numerologically, Pythagoras would probably say that Mike Jordan and Mike Phelps would Never have become super-champions. It’s really that simple.

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It isn’t Queen Liz II, but Queen Elizabeth II. And her grandson, Prince William won’t eventually be crowned King Bill. Nor will his dad be ever referred to as Prince Chuck or Prince Charlie.

Why is it that when priests and monks and nuns enter religious orders or move up in the hierarchy, they change their names? If Pope John Paul II was Pope Karol Wojtyla would he have enjoyed the same notoriety and fame? Don’t think so.

Do you think Pope Benedict XIII – the 13th – is as friendly and lovable  a name as Pope John Paul II? Not in my book.

Do You Control Your Name?

You may not think there’s any reason to change your name, but if you’re anything like most people, you probably already have. Most people have done something to alter the name given to them at birth. Most. If you’re a woman, you most likely may have changed your name. Or you shortened the name you were given by using a nick name.

Nicholas is Nick. Robert is Bob. James is Jimmy. Jeffery is Jeff. Alexander is Alex.

Michelle is Shelly. Kathleen is Kate or Katie. Elizabeth is Liz or Betty. Rebecca is Becky.

Now, although these names are friendlier and more colloquial, do they have the same power? Do they help radiate a vibration of success? Do they send a message to the masses that says, “Take Me Seriously!”

Or do they send the message, “Dump on me, walk on me.”

Could you take General Doug MacArthur seriously? Would we have ever heard about Andy Carnegie, the philanthropist who built Carnegie Hall? What about Nap Hill, instead of Napoleon Hill?

No, I’m not telling you, you need to change your name. I’m telling you that the name, given to you at birth, may be so much more powerful than you ever thought. And to discover what the power of your name holds is perhaps the greatest affirmation of your value ever given!

Hi, my name is Tania Gabrielle , and I’m a Pythagorean Numerologist and Intuitive Counselor. You may not know this, but your name is the most powerful asset you own. The letters in your name are major clues to who you are and what you’re here to do. They vibrate to a specific energy that defines your destiny.
Why? Because, as a composer and writer, I know that every note that is played, every sound that is made, and every number that is issued carries strength. You may never have heard of music being numbers. I can assure you, it is.

My husband is a world-class, master violinist – he is fanatical about numbers as well. Every great musician will tell you, it isn’t just about notes A, B and C – it’s also about numbers. And every number has a meaning.n the olden days people studied Greek and they studied Latin.

And, because they studied these two languages, they understood the etymological derivation not only of the words, but also of the letters. People understood that if they used the letter “A” it was very different from using the letter “E” and they knew what each of these letters represented in terms of meaning.

Every letter has a distinct vibration. And so, my name is Tania – T,A,N,I,A. It would be very different if my name was Tonya, like Tonya Harding or Tanya, like Tanya Tucker. Each of these is very different. And what if my name was Tonia with an O – totally different than Tania with an A.

Unleash Your Talents!

Discovering the hidden power of your name can be the most fascinating journey you ever take. Most people don’t need a name change. What you need is to know what your name and numbers represent!

Most people have deep desires. Secret desires you’ve always wanted to express.

Or you may have a latent ability you don’t even realize is there! Something you’ve never thought of. Your numbers will reveal EVERY one of your talents. No desire, no dream of yours will be left unburied. You may not believe me. And on one level, I don’t blame you.

Take it from the great mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras:

As sure as the sun rises and the sun sets,
Your Numbers NEVER Lie!

They’re always right on the money. My name, Tania Gabrielle, is not an ice skater’s name. When I first learned Pythagorean Numerology, I saw that my name was a composer’s name. It vibrates to that frequency, just like Tanya Tucker’s vibrates to that of a singer.

But I can assure you Tonya Harding does not vibrate in any way, shape or form to music! She might have skated on the ice to music, but Tonya Harding is a name you give a tomboy. Which is what she’s known for – she’s got that tough-guy tomboy attitude. Just look at the letters T,O,N – they’re not far from T,O,M.

Like Tonya Harding, Stevie Wonder had the word ‘Hard’ in his given name.

He understood on a gut level that with a name like Stevland Hardaway Judkins, he would have a tough time of it. So he changed his own destiny by creating a name that paved a way to greatness. Same goes for Earvin Johnson. Being called Earvin on the basketball court wasn’t very motivating, to put it mildly. But Wow! Say the name Magic and you get a burst of positive energy. Right?

Each one of these names creates a very different vibration!

Why the Beatles Almost Didn’t Become Legends

The Beatles underwent several name changes before they ended up with the name the whole world knows. Their first name was the “Quarry Men”. The second, the “Moondogs”. The third, the “Silver Beetles.” I guarantee you Not One of those names would have resulted in the mega-success the Beatles STILL enjoy today. Because numerologically, the difference between the first three names and the “Beatles” is gigantic.

You see, the name you choose for yourself, for your children, and your business are huge. But what if you’re a writer? I can assure you the titles of books are a determining factor in how successful they become. Not just in the way the titles sound, but the numbers they resonate to. If you’re a musician, the titles of your CDs are just as important.  If you are a person who has a website, the name of your website also carries unique number vibration.

All of these things are significant.

Even your address for home and business resonate to a specific energy. So do your phone numbers. ALL these things carry vibrations that will help or hinder you. It’s critical to your success in life to choose names that resonate with your desires and dreams. When they do, things happen, and FAST.

Were You Made Fun of As a Kid?

As a kid going through school you may have had a name the other children made fun of. Often times this sort of criticism scars people for life. And people grow up thinking that the name their parents gave them was a bad name.  But in fact it was a very powerful name that other children were jealous of. And so they attacked you.

In each and every case the name carried a powerful vibration and meaning, which is why your parents gave it to you in the first place.

“What you did for me was far beyond what was expected. When I opened up the folder I felt that you had made a direct and very personal connection to me the barer of the name and not just the name itself. What you do is truly unique.
“This goes way beyond simply deciphering the vibration of the name or extracting some inherent meaning, I feel as though you have given me the operating manual to my identity that has always been missing. This is not something you just read once.
“The insights that you were able to draw out of both my given and assumed names were so revealing and personal I have only shared them with a few close friends.
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Sly Shorter,

If a boy is called Ronald, he’ll be made fun of. As a result, he may resort to using Ron for the rest of his life, thereby weakening his inner spirit and obliterating the strong vibration emitted by his given name Ronald. Not only that, Ronald means Mighty Counselor and Ruler!

If a 3-year-old girl is named Dorothy, her parents or siblings may change it to Dotty or Dolly or Dodie. There’s really no reason to do this for the sake of the child. Her name Dorothy means ‘Gift of God’ and has a vibrant and beautiful numerological vibration.

Most People Have Names that Contain a lot of Power

It’s very likely the name your parents gave you is a powerful one.

Like many people, you may have reduced your chances of success by shortening your own name. Probably because you didn’t want other people to make fun of you. Let’s say your given name was Sage. And other kids said, “Oh Sage, yeah you’re so smart”. Sage is a powerful name! Even in numerology the name vibrates to a person who is wise and like a visionary.

Using your given name, in many cases, is important to leading a successful and happy life. Because Every letter in your name is a number. And those numbers add up to unique numerological vibrations. By eliminating or changing the letters in your name, you are altering your destiny as well.

Your MOST Important Calling Card

The name you use is your most important calling card. Bar none. Why? Because the rest of the world picks up the vibrations of your name.

What’s the most potent word in your entire vocabulary? Your name! People call you by your name many times a day, you read it in emails, you see it on every piece of snail mail, you sign your checks with your name. It’s everywhere. All day, Every day. The vibrations in your name carry a powerful message about who you are.

Just like a dictionary describes the meaning of words, Pythagorean numerology describes the unique vibrations in your name.

Give Me Your Name and I’ll Show You Your Destiny!

  • Do you want to know what your tendencies are, and whether some of them might be holding you back?

  • Are you using a different or shortened name? How are the number vibrations affecting your life, both professionally and personally?

  • Are you interested in knowing your Destiny Number – the driving force in your life?

  • Do you want to know what your major talents and abilities are?

  • Wouldn’t it interest you to know whether you have a Master Number signifying double strength?

  • What do your four personal numbers reveal about your health, happiness and money?

  • What about your relationship to your spouse or partner – are your number vibrations compatible?

  • Are your children’s names a good fit for them?

  • Is the name of your business helping or hurting profits?

  • Is your address and phone number in line with your dreams for the future?

  • What is the ancient meaning of the letters in your name?

  • Are there missing numbers in your name, signifying an area you need to develop?

  • Does your name help you or hinder you from manifesting your dreams and goals?

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Discover the “Real YOU”

I can answer these questions for you and much more by using the ancient science of Pythagorean Numerology. Because every name, every letter, and every number has a unique and powerful vibration.

How do I do it?

By revealing the numerological meaning behind each letter and the sum of letters that make up your name – these are the three driving forces in your life. In addition I will show you the life purpose hidden in the numbers of your birthday – the fourth driving force. (No, this isn’t astrology, so I don’t need your time and place of birth – just the numbers that make up your birthday.) In the same way, you’ll discover how you can use your chosen name to your ultimate advantage. In other words, I will hand YOU the keys so you can unlock the life of your dreams.

Who doesn’t want to know their real god-given potential? Wouldn’t you want to know the details of ALL your talents and gifts?

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William Huff,

Imagine someone pointing you directly to your destiny. A destiny you couldn’t see before because you might have been blinded by trivial and negative thoughts about yourself and your innate abilities. Now imagine eliminating those thoughts once and for all. By KNOWING the truth about your four unique number vibrations – the driving forces in your life.

Your Personal Numerology Blueprint Will Make YOU Feel Like a Star!

Just like the famous and successful stars mentioned above, your life and destiny will be given a major boost by understanding the hidden number vibrations in your name.

I will create your personal Personal Numerology Blueprint, a document so valuable, you will only want to share it with your most trusted friends and family. This personal blueprint is very potent, and I promise you – your self-image will go through the roof!

Your Personal Numerology Blueprint will contain elaborate descriptions of:

  • Your Life Purpose Number

  • Your Destiny Number

  • Your Soul Number

  • Your Inner Dream/Personality Number

  • Your Day of Birth Number

  • Your Essence and Wisdom Numbers

  • Your Intensifications

  • The 3 Numerology Triads in Your Birth Numbers

Your Personal Numerology Blueprint will reveal WHO you are, WHAT you’re here to accomplish, and HOW your talents will make your dreams and goals turn into reality. The vibrations of your individual names will be described as well. So richly detailed is this document, you’ll be inspired by it for the rest of your life.

Don’t wait any longer to discover your real destiny!

With Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. The famous Pythagorean Philolaus wrote, “Were it not for number and its nature, nothing that exists would be clear to anybody either in itself or in its relation to other things…You can observe the power of number exercising itself … in all acts and the thoughts of men, in all handicrafts and music.”  Your numbers are your destiny. They describe your God-given talents.Use them to manifest your innermost desires and your greatest dreams.

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“Hi Tania,
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