The powerful planet Pluto is now at a complete standstill.

On Saturday, April 25th Pluto stations retrograde.

Here’s what makes this retrograde so exciting:

  • It’s the first Pluto retrograde since the Pluto/Saturn Stellium in Capricorn (the 500-year planetary meeting impacting us all year).
  • Pluto stations at 25° on April 25 opening the 25:25 and 7:7 portals.
  • Mercury creates an exact 90° square to Pluto the same day with Mercury also at 25°!
  • Also on April 25, the Sun is exactly conjunct Uranus, with both planets at in Taurus.

These codes a absolutely magnificent in their overall message of spiritual and emotional liberation.

Pluto INTENSIFIES what you focus on.

So Pluto Uncovers, Observes and Transforms.

Especially issues related to CONTROL – you being controlled, willingly or unknowingly.

The number 7 and Pluto both symbolize research – a deep dive to discover the truth.

This means you are feeling an unrelenting FOCUS!

You feel a strong motivation to change anytime Pluto is activated. And this change does not need to come as a response to fear.

When a planet changes direction it exerts the strongest influence on us.

Be sure to watch the new Star Code Forecast on Pluto’s powerful retrograde – in play now!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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