April 10 is the day Jupiter stations retrograde.

Jupiter retrogrades once a year.

But this year is different….

  • Jupiter is retrograding in its OWN HOME sign (that won’t happen again for 12 years).
  • Jupiter stations retrograde at 24° – activating Love, Nurturing and Abundance!

In fact, April 10 activates a momentous message from the stars with three important events:

1. Jupiter stations retrograde

2. Venus conjunct Neptune

3. Sun square Saturn

These are not “light” transits! So something big shifting. Fortunately JUPITER governs the celestial celebration by virtue of its enhancement in Sagittarius where it has come to a standstill.

First let’s check Venus conjunct Neptune, an exquisite marriage!

Your imagination, spirituality and creativity are at a peak now.

LOVE, compassion and romance are in the air…

Beauty and harmony in your environment and relationships are super important at this time.

Avoid harsh, loud, aggressive environments and people if at all possible.

Also, Venus merges with Neptune at 17° Pisces on a 17 Universal Date! (April 10, 2019 adds up to 17).

You’re leaving behind a legacy – so lavish your precious time and energy on a deeply spiritual, beautiful endeavor… with added romance for magical inspiration.

As it happens, sometimes inner motivation can be lacking with Venus / Neptune. Fortunately the meeting between the Sun square Saturn ramps up our sense of responsibility, so we put our inspirations to practical USE.

Allow your creative output to go to work for you.

By getting actively engaged in the manifestation of your projects, the seeds you sow now will return to you manifold.

And finally we have Jupiter’s gorgeous retrograde code…

Jupiter changes direction at 24° Sagittarius.

24 represents our 24 hours in a day, thus encompassing the total human experience – personally and professionally – reminding us to live with passionate awareness minute of our day.

24 and 6 unfold your day with elegance, bringing beautiful, exquisite understanding to your responsibilities, and thus enriching your life with LOVE.

  • Jupiter focuses on your Higher Purpose.

Understanding your Soul-level gifts – what makes you happy to serve and fulfilled to the core of your being – that is Jupiter’s domain.

Jupiter expands abundance, enhances opportunities and connects your higher mind to the Wisdom of the ages.

With Jupiter’s blessings in Sagittarius, good fortune is incredibly magnified!

Add in the wonderful influence of 24°, signifying love, nurturing and abundance, and you can see how the impact of this particular Jupiter retrograde (through August 11), is significant and a true blessing.

Jupiter is connected to successful living, well-being, integration of your higher and lower mind and fortunate outcomes.

When Jupiter stations retrograde or direct you experience an awakening and new developments in the house (of your astrology birth chart) in which Jupiter transits.

This is a powerful call to manifest the blessings revealed in your Jupiter Wealth Code.

As Jupiter starts changing direction, sitting still for the next couple of weeks at 24° Sagittarius (harmonizing and enhancing abundance), it is magnifying fortunate developments in your life… Thus, it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to tune into YOUR personal Jupiter birth blessings so you can accelerate the positive momentum in play now!

  • You were born with Jupiter in a specific house and specific sign in your astrology birth chart.
  • Your NATAL Jupiter placement reveals your natural wealth manifestation gifts.
  • In fact, you have 3 Jupiter Wealth Zones.

Each Jupiter Wealth Zone reveals precisely how you are personally designed to attract abundance and experience supreme Soul-level fulfillment.

Discover your Jupiter Wealth Code here.

Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. So many opportunities to step into YOUR inner Sacred Warrior!  Go deepen your commitment to joyful excellence by activating the divine gifts in your Jupiter Wealth Code.