Friday June 16 activates an amazing astro-numerology code. You'll want to take advantage of it over the weekend – it has the potential of reaping huge dividends for you!

First off, June is a 16 Universal Month, so on the June 16th a 16:16 portal is created.

16 is a number of royalty and spiritual leadership with a strong call to listen to your divine “inner voice”. Lead from the heart and you shall rule your life with joy.

And on the very SAME day, beautiful Neptune stations retrograde! (Anytime a planet changes direction it seems to stand still in the heavens – and has the strongest influence on us.)

In this case it is Neptune, symbol of spiritual service, the most mysterious, multi-dimensional space… representing deep oceans of unconditional love.

Neptune’s current standstill pulls OPEN the veil.

You can now more easily “peek” into heavenly realms, see what was formerly hazy or confusing, and clear the fog to reveal a gorgeous nebula of stars and LIGHT.

When Neptune calls, life gets surreal and supremely gorgeous.

And there’s more! An exquisite “Finger of God” is created by Neptune (conjunct the MOON) and VENUS, pointing at JUPITER!

How magnificently joyful!

Venus, Neptune, Moon symbolize all facets of human and divine LOVE – and they are pointing to the planet of abundance, joy and wisdom… Wow!

The magnificence of this Finger of God is further enhanced by the 16:16 code.

So… how do you navigate this dreamy, vibrant, sensitive, loving space? By tuning into your true, deep desires!

  • What do you really YEARN for?
  • What VISIONS keep appearing for you?

This is an optimal time to fine-tune your intuition by opening up your HEART.

Neptune’s unconditional love is truly a wide open ocean that embraces all cultures, every religion, every point of view without judgment.

Nothing is left untouched by love now.

Open your heart and LET LOVE IN.

On Friday the 16:16 portal will work miracles for you, as you use the power of love and the spirituality of the exquisite Finger of God to weave miracles into your life.

Neptune embodies water. Water is the only element that can reach everywhere. Water heals. Water is where the human embryo lies in the womb. Our bodies are made up of mostly water.

And just like water, Love is everywhere.

Love heals.

Take this moment when the 16:16 portal with Neptune stationing retrograde and the Finger of God all join forces at ONCE to shift your perspective into complete self acceptance.

Accept who you are fully.

Understanding your astro-numerology birth code is a great place to start!

At the moment of your birth your soul energetically embraced a birthday and birth name that expresses your soul vibration – your spiritual code.

Your birth code is easy to decipher – yet the result is incredibly empowering!

Self acceptance is a lot easier when you hear your soul code speak the language of love directly to your heart…

If you haven’t seen my free webinar “Discover Your Divine Blueprint”, then tune in this Saturday. You’ll learn how your Day of birth, full Birthday and birth Name hold the secrets to the three important facets of your Soul Purpose and Destiny.

Knowing your spiritual DNA code is really a love affair with YOU! It makes living feel special, a lot easier, and fun!

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Make that spiritual shift happen for you!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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