This past weekend I was a featured speaker at an event in Carlsbad, and after my presentation we had time for some Q&A.

Everyone in the room had just learned about the sacred codes of the stars, number frequencies, names and letters, including how their current name vibration makes a huge impact on their life by revealing the ease of which they can (or cannot) express their birth promise.

A challenging spelling of your current name means you attract more obstacles and road-blocks on the way to achieving your goals – whereas a fortunate name paves the way for ease and flow.

Success comes so much more easily with a fortunate name … not just financial abundance, but in your relationships, in your health – in the full richness of your life.

It goes without saying that most attendees wanted me to check their name!

Everything emits a vibration.

And YOU can direct these vibrations in your favor. Specifically, the name you associate with – the vibration you choose to use every day.

Many well-known people have changed their name along the way and reaped tremendous results. Even without their direct knowledge, these name changes had a major impact on their lives.

For example, singer Reginald Dwight legally changed his name in 1967 to Elton John – at that time only his stage name.

Reginald Dwight adds up to an 11/2 – which for current names is a very challenging code. At that time Elton was a bar performer.

Once the complete switch to Elton John was made and he released his self-titled breakthrough album “Elton John” (which fully activated his new names' fortunate spelling), his life changed forever. Elton’s evergreen hit “Your Song” from that first album introduced him to an international stage.

The actor Mark Vincent had a neutral name code (20/2) before he changed it to a highly fortunate number.

Mark Vincent transformed into Vin Diesel, a powerful 33/6 current name vibration.

And Lea Sarfati said about her old name – “I don’t use {my last name} a lot because I got ‘Lea So-fatty,’ ‘Lea So-farty’ at school.” No wonder, it also resonates to 11 attracting division and incompletion.

Well, Lea changed her name to the highly fortunate “Lea Michele” and attracted all the opportunities and support to make her dreams come true.

Katy Perry is another great example.

Katy was originally known by two other names, Katy Hudson and Katheryn Perry – both very challenging vibrations that reflected her life at the time.

She grew up poor, her family needed food stamps to buy groceries and she moved often across the country as her parents, born again Christians, set up churches.

The title of her debut album, a gospel record, was “Katy Hudson” – was an unfortunate name.  Critics liked it but it wasn’t a commercial success, selling only 200 copies.

Then something changed.

To avoid being confused with the actress Kate Hudson, she changed her name from Katy Hudson to Katy Perry. Soon thereafter her career started taking off. One of her songs was featured in a feature film, and the rest is history.

That name change set in place a series of fortunate events that built on each other for a couple years until her major breakthrough came with her second album, “One of the Boys.”

Here’s the thing. The Universe has absolutely NO limitation on abundance. It is constantly expanding – perpetually increasing!

Life is constantly evolving, and that means abundance is constantly available to you – it’s part of who you are.

You just need to consciously activate the vibration of wealth in your life.

And one of the EASIEST ways to do so is by making sure your current name resonates to a fortunate frequency.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step and leverage the power of your fortunate name code, whether that’s for a personal name, a business name, a book title, or otherwise, then…

Click here for your Fortunate Name report!

Leverage the divine plan in your favor!

Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle