You’re probably feeling it too – The 2012 Code™ is intensifying.

It is bringing plenty of opportunities and challenges (disguised opportunities).

And that goes for countries as well.

Take Syria and Iran for example. Forces are lining up to create a very dynamic and fluid situation in the Middle East, with Iran playing a pivotal role next year.

Right now Syria is dominating the news.

The numbers for Syria are explosive – especially when aligned with Universal Numbers this month.

Syria is currently in a 16/7 Personal Year. 16 cycles bring sudden events that, if not addressed internally, can bring a leader or country to its knees.

With the world in a 7 Universal Month in December as well, Syria’s 16/7 Year is activated even more – on the world stage. This triggers a potent pattern of shifts, some of which can come at great speed – just like the lightning strike that the number 7 resembles.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad himself is experiencing an 18/9 Personal Month, which intensifies this dynamic even more.

When a country is undergoing tumultuous events, a mix of the number 16/7 and 18/9 propels major change. Usually, though not always, challenges are necessary in order to release tension and invite change.

At the same time, these developing world events present us with a prime opportunity to release our own resistance to inevitable change.

Change and Freedom will be the name of the game in 2012, so many of our long-held beliefs and expectations are beginning to shift. This will be absolutely essential in order for the birth of a new humanity. In essence, world events will continue to reflect change, sometimes very dramatically.

Fortunately, much progress is made when we are prompted to act.

Most of us start moving because we HAVE to. Most of us need that extra push to activate our dreams and translate our God-given gifts into reality.

See this moment in time as a blessing. Embrace the changes. See them as necessary – for growth.

Your perspective changes EVERYTHING.

It is completely up to YOU to create your own reality. You can either jump in – or not. In fact, you may find you have no choice but to take the reigns and fly. Be grateful for the opportunity.

We are in the 2000’s, so reach out to others and be there for others – this is the millenia of communication, of relationships.

Connect with your dearest friends. With those who support you and see the good in you.

Your vision of a beautiful future will help to calm the intensity during a hugely transformative year in 2012.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle