Peaceful-Nature-Wallpapers-7Summer is upon us here in the northern hemisphere, and I’m looking forward to a vacation with Clara soon!

Before that I’m catching up after supporting her during the international piano festival she just attended – lots still to do! And I’m reminded how important it is to take time to breathe.

Summer naturally provides us a wonderful opportunity to relax and press the Pause button.

Pausing can happen in a myriad of ways – for a short moment, for a day – and sometimes even for a period of months and years. It’s so important to take those moments and recognize when to press that pause button. It can be done at ANY time.

Pausing in conversations is an instant spiritual boost.

When you make it a practice to pause before you respond to someone, all your relationships improve!

In fact, if you could just do this one thing, it would change how your interact and experience all relationships in your life.

We get super busy energetically… and the result is that we tend to jump into the stream of life without breathing first. Yes, it makes sense to react immediately in an emergency. Our survival instinct is part of the human experience.

Yet, when we’re engaging energetically with someone, exchanging feelings and ideas, when we speak or text or email another person, reacting quickly can often bring us out of balance.

So… a general overall exercise is to breathe deeply before you respond to your partner, friend or colleaague. Open your heart,breathe in the divine, feel the connection first… and then speak. Pausing is especially important if you’re already feeing emotional and just itching to react quickly to someone.

Relationships provide us the ultimate tool to practice pausing!

In music, the act of breathing takes you deep into the heart of a melody. Great musicians breathe the melodies and rhythms to life, connecting each musical phrase from the heart – through their breath.

“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.”
― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Isn't that quote so deeply powerful? And it is so true! The magic is made in the silences, the nuances – when listening is heightened at maximum levels. 

And so it goes with our daily interactions with others.

Heart-centered connections are forged when we honor “that silence in between.”

Make it a practice to pause before you respond.

It’s not so easy at first! Yet – you’ll experience the tremendous benefits very quickly!

Just pause… insert a deep breath… and now respond.

In doing so you are joined with Spirit, infusing your soul with beauty and kindness.

You are being in-spirit –  inspired!

(Imagine living in a world were everyone was taught to breathe deeply. Not just in the context of a conversation or text exchange or email thread – but in the context of every big and small decision!)

Take this moment in the final ten days of July, during this 16/7 Universal Month of spiritual transformation and silence, to still your mind and practice going inwards. Seek inspiration at ALL times, every time.

Press the Pause button…. feel the miracle of silence!

Much Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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