Kate, William and Prince GeorgeWhen baby Prince George was born on Monday, July 22 he triggered a powerful numerology code.

…An activation that has tied him to the universal code for the rest of his life.

As you know, July is a 13/4 Universal Month in 2013.

All month long the 4 and 8 astro-numerology code has been triggered in an unprecedented way (see in my July Forecast).

When Prince George was born, he magnified these numbers:

—July 22 gives the prince a 22/4 Day of Birth.

—7.22.2013 adds up to a Life Purpose Number of 17/8.

—His current name “Prince George” adds up to 13/4.

—His official current name “Prince George of Cambridge” adds up to 26/8.

—Numbers 4 and 8 are activated throughout Prince George’s astrology chart – four of eight planets lie at trigger one of the two numbers.

Prince George

Will he eventually sit on the throne?


Just look at the leadership numerology in his chart:

His 17/8 Life Purpose Number guarantees he will leave a legacy behind. 17 immortalizes and 8 is the number of the executive.

The little prince’s birth name “George Alexander Louis” adds up to 100/1.

This gives him a Destiny Number of the original leader, the trailblazer and the benefit of double divine protection (double zeros) when he sits on the throne.

Amazingly the Number 1 of Leaders is reflected in his birth time as well:

4:24 pm adds up to 10/1.

Finally, he was born on the day of the full moon. In his astrology birth chart, the prince’s Moon (also the ruler of his sun sign Cancer) lies at 28/10/1 degrees.

Prince George’s birth astro-numerology reveals a life dedicated to humanitarian service, diplomacy, an incredible talent for manifestation, many fateful destined events and relationships, and a strong urge for Peace. He will most likely meet his wife and partner in foreign lands.

His 22 Day of Birth symbolizes the “Architect of Peace” in its purest form.

May Prince George’s life be protected and nourished by his loving, compassionate parents, William and Kate.

Love and Abundance,


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  1. Roseleen July 27, 2013 at 11:53 am - Reply

    Beautiful!!! I like the Prince’s 100 name number and moon at 28 degrees–The double zeros is reminiscent of the infinity symbol and so does the 8 in 28 (The infinity symbol in Horizontal and vertical positions). I am getting such wonderful vibes of the 1 and the infin8te 4 peace. Cheers~~~

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