“Let me show you how you can use your own
‘Personal Wealth Formula' to leverage
prosperity and live debt-free forever…
with happiness and peace of mind.”

Follow along step by step with the Prosperity Power System
featuring online videos, a detailed PDF manual, a PowerPoint guidebook of  Divine Laws, and more …

Dear Lightworker,

Are you a passionate, spiritual person who…

  • Feels like you're spinning your wheels, trying to get the ‘Law of Attraction' to work for you?
  • Is overwhelmed and exhausted from working hard, long hours and not seeing much in return?
  • Wants to start a new venture, and wishes you could LEVERAGE your passion into creating wealth?
  • Is ready right NOW to learn about and apply your own Personal Wealth Formula?

Then I'm really glad you found this page.

My name is Tania Gabrielle, and while you know me as the Wealth Astro-Numerologist, I want you to know I was not always successful.

I made a decision many years ago to acquire a mentor. This one decision alone changed my life forever.

Since that time I have learned ancient secrets about how your personal birth numbers can be used in a very powerful way to create wealth. In my Prosperity Power Seminar recently, I shared these secrets in full for the very first time.

Do you know you have a Personal Wealth Formula?

Every person living on Earth has one. It is unique to YOU. It is generated using your birthday code in both your numerology birthday, birth name and your astrology birth chart.

You also have a “poverty formula”… Most people have latched on to the latter, not the former. They feel more comfortable identifying with a victim-mentality than being wealthy. Why? Because they were raised to believe money does not bring happiness. Or they might have been raised to think money is evil. And so they tapped into their poverty frequencies instead of their wealth frequencies.

Your Key to Success and Abundance?
Implement your “Personal Wealth Formula” across All Parts of Your Life

The Personal Wealth Formula has been used by the wealthy power elite for 1000's of years. What if you knew how to use these ancient prosperity secrets too?

Now you can. You will be amazed at how quickly your life will change.

And there is more.

You will meet and hear from my special guest, a woman who KNOWS about creating wealth. She knows how to manifest prosperity propelled by the sheer joy of fulfilling her Life Purpose.

My guest is Hand Analyst and Millionaire, Baeth Davis.

Baeth Davis is living proof that you can take ANY profession, ANY career, ANY passion – and turn it into a money magnet, while helping others. She went from being a homeless person to a millionaire and is living proof you CAN manifest whatever set your mind to.

Baeth has discovered how to awaken you to your Life Purpose by reading your hands. In particular, your fingerprints.

Baeth Davis

Baeth Davis is “The Palm Pilot for the Soul of Your Business™” and the owner of The Hand Analyst, Inc. She has been helping spiritrich™ entrepreneurs build six- and seven-figure businesses that are both purpose-full and profitable for 10 years. Her motto is, “You, too, can get PAID for Your Passions!”

Baeth has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Women's World and the LA Times and heard on NPR, Radio Europe and BBC-5. She has been seen on network TV and presents her work nationwide at conferences and healing centers. Baeth is committed to helping entrepreneurs discover, live and share their Life Purposes so their lives are purpose-full, prosperous and of service to others.


Never listen to a person who says money does not bring freedom and happiness. This person is either 1. unhappy 2. poverty-conscious or most likely both. This person does not understand that you never combine the words “money” with “not happy” in the same sentence.

It's one thing Not to listen to other poverty-conscious people. It's another to SHIFT that mind-pattern in YOU. After all, worry, unhappiness and money have been twisted into complex poverty-conscious knots since you were young.

Can you confidently and comfortably say:

“Money and Happiness go Hand in Hand… they are both beautiful examples of an energy exchange!”

Watch this powerful online video training and you'll see how easily it is to shift your mind and BE in a naturally wealth-implementation state of being. You will follow in the footsteps of those who are easily prosperous, happy and at peace with their lives. Those who offer no resistance to wealth.

It all begins by embracing and using the frequencies unique to YOU in a positive way. Especially the numbers that comprise your Personal Wealth Formula.

How to leverage your Personal Wealth Formula …

Did you know this secret Wealth Formula has been used by men and women in the Elite ranks of society for millennia? They know about wealth numbers, wealth names and wealth formulas. In recent times, this powerful Wealth Formula has also been applied by people like you and me. People who have raised themselves from poverty to financial success and freedom.

Inside my “Prosperity Power System” you will discover:

  • How to create and maximize your Personal Wealth Formula in your present and future
  • Why the Law of Attraction will not work for most people
  • How the Law of Opposites has been activated in 2011, and what you need to know about this law in order to be prosperous
  • How to use the Multiplier Effect to create a total game-changer
  • What the most important secret to wealth creation is (this one will shock you, it's so simple)
  • How to implement your wealth numbers to manifest any life you want as fast as you want
  • How to use your Personal Wealth Formula EVERY day of your life by connecting it to your current and future numerological cycles
  • How your Fingerprints reveal your Life Purpose and Greatest Lesson fingerprints do NOT change
  • Why your Personal Wealth Formula can shift you into a positive mindset when you encounter challenges in your life
  • How to breathe in happiness and peace – At Any Time

There's no time like NOW!

Prosperity Power System

Let's look at exactly what you will get when you open up your “Prosperity Power System

1. You get 6 in-depth Webinar Trainings

Video Presentations of the entire Prosperity Power Seminar are included. This stellar event made learning your Personal Wealth Formula fun and easy, so you can follow along at home. (You'll also get to enjoy the fun moments we had it's like you are there with me and all the amazing people in that room.)

2. You get your 100+ page PDF Manual

A detailed guide that is the EXACT SAME manual all seminar attendees received – featuring the AstroNumerology case studies, wealth-creation tips and sections on how to create your numerology birth blueprint and fortunate current names.

3. You get the Prosperity Power System PDF Bonus Report

This bonus report features the identical PowerPoint presentations that Tania Gabrielle and Baeth Davis used throughout the entire seminar. It contains AstroNumerology Personal Wealth Formula case studies, details on the Divine Laws of Opposites and the Multiplier Effect, Scientific Hand Analysis history and Life Purpose case studies, and many more tips that you'll use and refer to as you go through the videos.

Plus, you even have a choice of an choosing EASY monthly Pay-Plan to help get the “Prosperity Power System” in your hands (See below for details.)

I have NEVER before offered such an incredible value for such a low investment.

The value of being LIVE at the Prosperity Power Seminar was $597.00. Even so, I'm not going to charge you that amount. As a favor to YOU, I'm going to offer the “Prosperity Power System” to you today for a lot less.

This special offer is like giving you the keys to wealth and fulfillment at no charge.

Which Option Would You Like?

Option One (best deal):

Pay-in-full at $397

Option Two:

Pay in 2 monthly payments of $217

Option Three:

Pay in 4 monthly payments of $117

payment options

If you are one of the first 10 people to order the “Prosperity Power System” this month, you will receive your Free Astrology Birth Chart and Personal Numerology Birth Chart from me. This way you'll easily start discovering your ‘Personal Wealth Formula.'

Take this offer NOW – at this important moment in time. Just like I did many years ago, you will look back at this moment and KNOW this is the time you changed your life forever. This is the time you manifested a life of balance, prosperity and happiness.

Join me and my guest Baeth Davis for a journey that will change your life forever.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

Tania Gabrielle

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.