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a few particularly hot and dry 90 degree days, it was refreshing to hear the
crackle of thunder and rain last night and wake up to a cool day – my plants
are happy again!


which make life on our Planet so beautiful, begin with the letter P. Many ‘P'
words denote some kind of power as well as positions of power.


example, Presidents or Prime Ministers lead most nations.


powerful positions are Prophet, Priest, Pastor, Pope (many are Pauls and
Peters), Politician, Physician, Psychologist, Professional, and Peacemaker.


could say this shortlist pretty much runs the world. By leveraging their power
with purpose and prosperity.


‘Power' and ‘Purpose' are all P words.


own innate power to generate prosperity is directly dependent on finding and leveraging
your purpose in life.


do you do that? By following a timeless formula. In my recent ‘Prosperity
Power' Seminar
I revealed how this special formula supports and inspires you to manifest
a prosperous, happy life.


I've created this ‘sneak peak'
for you:


ready to seize your prosperity power like never before – and change your life.


Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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