Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.17.03 AMI’m back home after an inspiring weekend and fabulous time with good friends.

Have you ever been prompted to do something drastically different? Your inner voice says “go for it!”, but your reference point for moving in a new direction is only that it “feels right”…

I had several such AHA moments during my recent trip, one of which has already resulted in a major breakthrough.

Not all breakthroughs feel positive. In fact, most initially are as scary and nerve-racking to contemplate as they are exciting.

Breakthroughs are designed to break the pattern of stagnant ideas so you get back in alignment with your true core values. Once that happens, you're able to hold a clear vision.

And that means, you feel pressure to move from the inside out.

Why is there pressure?

You receive messages from your own inner wisdom all day long. But how often do you follow these promptings?

The pressure you feel is actually divine guidance.

When you do not follow your intuition, you design your life to be challenging. This pressure allows you to evolve – divine evolution!

So, any time you get off your true purpose, life seems to throw obstacles at you. The difficulties are designed by YOU to force you to look within and listen.

Once you begin to listen, intuitive insights lead to inspiration.

Intuition and inspiration are the keywords for 2014 – a 7 Universal Year.

If you choose to ignore your inner voice (we all do this!), you create experiences that bring you back into balance. And that’s OK too!

But if you understand all challenges are designed by you as an awakening tool, guess what happens?

You embrace Everyone you interact with and Everything that happens in your life.

You fully accept things don’t happen TO you. Things happen THROUGH you.

So ask yourself…

What speaks to your heart?

What moves your soul and inspires you?

What brings you tears of joy?

For me the answer has always been music and numbers. Both use a divine code that is a universal language.

So today, make a declaration of what is most important to your heart and soul. Always start with what you are completely certain of, and broaden your sphere from there.

This ensures your purpose will fulfill itself from the inside out.

The more you awaken, the more you are able to consciously manifest on any plane of expression.

Remember, any obstacle you encounter is designed BY YOU to wake you up!

Embrace challenges as blessings. They pressure you to listen to your true inner voice. After all, you’ve created every experience to help you look within.

Once you listen, inspiration is sure to follow.

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Love and Success,

Tania Gabrielle

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