Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 12.15.27 PMThe other day I received this question in my email inbox:

Hello Tania,

I wondered if you're experienced in predicting about marriage. My one question is: When will I marry, as I'm 37 in 31 days and my transit has started but nothing is happening. 

Have I met my soul mate yet? I'm concerned as nothing has happened this year and wondered if there will be change soon?

Many Thanks,


Anuradha, predictions are set in stone, but the wonderful news is – your future has limitless possible outcomes!

If a healing arts practitioner is telling you that you’ll definitely meet your husband within a certain time period, walk away – and fast. No one can predict the future. All we can do is illuminate the BEST possible outcome for you.

How do we do that?

By tuning into our soul’s future code and leveraging the opportunities revealed in your personal timeline.

For example, one of my clients wanted to know when it was best to launch his new book.

I gave him the launch dates and timeline which was clearly revealed in his soul’s code. But my support did not stop there.

I explained to him that his current personal situation at home was impeding his progress in a big way. It was draining him emotionally, spiritually and physically, and wasting his precious energy reserves.

We spent most of his consultation clearing up many  aspects of his personal issues, so that he could implement his business plan for a successful book launch.

This was a motivated author and businessman who had a plan for the future.

He just needed support on how to make ROOM for his goal.

Question is, what are you doing and being in order to create a successful outcome?

Are you waiting for life to happen to you?

Or are you making moment-to-moment decisions on how to manifest the grandest vision of yourself?

If you’re waiting for some prediction about your life to unfold, you will wait a long time.

Predicting anyone’s future is just entertainment. It is playing with fire.

Forecasting a person’s future timelines and helping them to release baggage – so he or she is FREE to manifest prosperity and happiness – now that is true spiritual success coaching.

Here’s another case.

One of my VIP clients came to me super eager to up-level her new spiritual coaching business. As her mentor I create a space for rapid growth by doing two things.

1. I design and help her manifest her business goals using the highest aspects in her astro-numerology blueprint.

2. We consistently clear out any  of her current personal issues (we ALL have them), so that she is free to fully and happily engage as a human being and entrepreneur.

(Without looking at personal stuff, meaning your inner life, it’s so difficult to move ahead confidently and positively.)

In this particular case, my VIP client is thriving and consistently gaining new clients. She is totally taking responsibility – a key theme for 2013 – by claiming the BEST possible outcomes revealed in her future timelines.

What I do is forecast your future code, so you can SEE it, get excited by all the opportunities and implement the message.

By implementing the messages in your code, you get the most value across the board.

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Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle