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a long battle with pancreatic cancer, wonderful actor, dancer and
singer-songwriter Patrick Swayze has died.


2009 was a transition cycle for Patrick. Having
just celebrated his 57th Birthday on August 18, Swayze was in a 1
Personal Year and 1 Personal Month in September 2009 – meaning he was starting
a brand new 9-year cycle.


So often major life transitions occur when you pass
from one 9-year cycle into the next.


Yesterday was a 42/6 Personal Day for Swayze.
This is a beautiful number of love, responsibility, home, family, and
compassion. It shows how beloved Patrick was by his family and fans who truly
looked up to him as an example of tremendous courage and passion.


Even for the Ancient Egyptians 42 is the number
of Love. This strong connection to love for Patrick Swayze on the day he passed
away shows he was blessed with these qualities.


Number 42/6 also ties in beautifully with
Swayze's Day of Birth on the 18th – a 9 Day.


Any number which reduces to 3-6-9 is part of the
self-expression ‘feeling' trilogy, a favorite with artists and performers.
Notice that even his age was 57, a number which reduces to 3.


Amazingly, Patrick Swayze passed away on September
14th – I call 14 the ‘Media Number' because it indicates such a
strong connection to all media-related matters. Of course Swayze was the
consummate romantic leading man in movies such as ‘Ghost' and ‘Dirty Dancing'
as well as the ‘North and South' miniseries on television.


We'll miss him. My heartfelt condolences go out
to his wife Lisa Riemi and his family.


May Patrick Swayze rest in Peace.


Tania Gabrielle

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