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“An in-depth, day-long reading designed personally for you by Tania to create a powerful business break-through.”

Tania Gabrielle

Each year Tania makes a limited number of days available for highly motivated heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to shift their life and buisness in a profound and deeply empowering way.

What is a heart-centered entrepreneur?

You have a business that serves and uplifts clients. This can be done in numerous fields that bring harmony, good health, peace of mind and abundance. You are putting spirituality back into business!

Here's the thing… Many highly conscious entrepreneurs feel unworthy and inadequate, especially when they first start out. They believe that getting well-paid for their gifts by serving others is not congruent. Most do not like marketing, because they feel it's being pushy and inauthentic. So, they don't fully embrace the ‘making money' part of business… not realizing that money is just an energy exchange. And it's up to YOU to define that energy exchange!

So, if anyone needs mentoring the most, it is the heart-centered business owner. You require the courses, mentor and coach to help you navigate the path to success and abundance.

This Personal VIP Day with Tania Gabrielle is designed to completely shift you from the INSIDE out.

In addition to spending your private VIP Day  with Tania in Los Angeles (or remotely), you receive:

1.  A personally designed Funnel for your core product or service, including fortunate titles for your email campaign.
2. Your Marketing Plan including fortunate call-to-action names for your ads.
3. Unlimited Fortunate Name Reports for your brand, websites, products, live events and book titles.
4. “Your Next 12 Months” Blueprint – a powerful forecast of your year ahead… including a list of your most fortunate days for every month.
5. Your Complete Astro-Numerology Consultation – the most in-depth reading of your soul, including your mission and the timing of your professional and personal breakthroughs.
6. One 30-minute follow-up mentoring session to keep your momentum moving forward after your VIP Day.

With your personal astro-numerology code as a starting point, Tania will design a Success Map of your future and coach you on how to manifest a powerful prosperity plan that is completely aligned with your personal astro-numerology cycles, so you can monetize your gifts in the most authentic and abundant way.

Mentorship designed for your soul and business!

Once your registration is confirmed, a mutually beneficial date will be chosen for your Personal VIP Day with Tania here in Los Angeles, California (or remotely via Skype). For questions and an application, please email Tania's executive assistant, Molly Welch, at support @