Mitt Romney has been faced with a challenge weeks before the Presidential Election.

On Monday a story broke about some ‘off the cuff’ statements he made at a private fundraiser in May which was secretly recorded on video.

Romney is undergoing a rebirth this year.

Contrary to his run in 2008, he clinched the Republican nomination easily this time around.

In March 2012, Romney began an 11 Personal Year – a cycle of ‘Double New Beginnings’. The spotlight will shine on you during an 11 cycle because it offers you the opportunity of great accomplishments. However these manifest depends on how you choose to walk through the 11 gateway.

Romney is also experiencing a 20/2 Personal Month in September – and 2 cycles are notoriously slower in pace.

However the 20 frequency brings unexpected events enabling him to think and act differently than previously. It is a big growth and learning month – not necessarily what a candidate wants to deal with in the final stretch.

What is important to note is how the numbers Number 11/2 and 20/2 were activated within the storyline.

Romney talked in the secret video about the “47 percent” of people who will vote for Obama “no matter what”… Now ‘Romney’s 47%’ has taken on a life of it’s own.

47 adds up to 11.

So this number is causing a division in his campaign.

11 can either unite or divide. Walking through the two 1s (two columns representing a gateway) symbolizes letting go, embracing only this moment and moving forward into the unknown with complete trust.

If you choose not to ‘walk through the 11 gateway’ – your life feels divided and incomplete.

It’s like deciding not to eat. You HAVE to eat for growth and energy.

The same with living in the present. You have to tune in, in order to be in tune with life.

11, the number of intuition, reminds us to trust.

When we retreat from life and worry or procrastinate, the two 1’s in the 11 represent two opposing forces. They are not being joined, rather they stand apart – the result is indecision, incompletion, division and separation.

Not surprisingly, the emergence of this ’47 percent’ story is causing a rift for Mitt Romney, as people may begin to feel less unsure and more undecided about him than before the story broke. Worry and doubt are creeping in.

So now Romney has to go on defense and work on damage control instead of campaigning in the offensive – another distraction and division of his energy.

The feedback Mitt Romney is getting from his current 11 and 2 cycles is to let go and be completely present and at peace. To cooperate and allow others to speak their mind.

On the other side at the same time…

Obama is experiencing a 17/8 Year. September is a 8 Personal Month for him as well, so he’s experiencing the 8 Infinity number doubly right now. That gives him a lot of power.

Yet Obama has to be careful. The President was born on a 4 Day.

Numbers 4 and 8 have a very unique relationship. In combination with each other they often attract destined, fateful people and experiences.

Both candidates would be wise in knowing how their personal cycles unfold in the next few weeks and on Election Day. This knowledge would prepare them mentally and emotionally, so they can maintain balance and stability in the face of any challenges.

Success comes to those who calmly steer their ship – no matter what the weather brings.

Happy people keep moving. And they do so confidently and calmly.

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Many Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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