Royal Code Reading

In this unforgettable reading of your Soul Star Code, Tania combines two divination arts,  Numerology and Astrology, and combines her psychic gifts with practical advice and Soul-level inspiration. You will be more conscious of who you are as a Divine being of Light as Tania reads the Royal DNA code of your Soul. In reaching into your star code, Tania will unlock your unique abundance activation gifts, so you can leverage present-time opportunities for your highest good. You will know your Personal Wealth Formula – showing how you are DESIGNED to manifest fulfillment and wealth. This 90-minute reading will touch on ALL parts of your life – personal and business, best places to live and travel (astro-cartography), love and partnerships, branding, your current name vibration and names of products and titles, best travel windows, fortunate dates for planning events… anything your Soul yearns to explore will be covered!
[Only a select few Royal Code Readings are available each month.]

* Includes your “Personal StarCode Map” — a visual Astro-Numerology Chart of your birth code!

Royal Code Reading – 90 minutes 


“If there are any future or current entrepreneurs out there, please do yourself a favor and invest in the Royal Code Reading. It was the most amazing reading I've ever had. Tania not only helped me choose a favorable company name, she also provided me with particular fortunate dates to launch the business as well product ideas and colors for the logo. I am so glad that I scheduled the reading before launching my business as she helped set me up to succeed in a big way!”
Stephanie Morrison
“Stop what you're doing right in this moment and run to book your mind-blowing session with Tania!  I've experienced a lot of readings over the years but nothing even comes close to the abundance of amazing wisdom bombs from Tania Gabrielle.  It helped put some nigglies to bed, helped me see where I was leaving money on the table, and to understand my soul purpose on a much bigger level, which allows me to see where I should put my energy and where there will always be flow.  I can't imagine not having Tania by my side to help me make the most aligned decisions for each month and each year!  Priceless!”
Jennifer Longmore (CEO), North America's Soul Purpose Expert
“After working with Tania one-on-one to tweak the copy on my ads and squeeze pages to make them more “fortunate”, my conversions skyrocketed and ad cost dropped over 40%. Tania gets results and is a complete pleasure to work with.
Heidi DeCoux, Marketing Consultant
“I have had many Astrology readings, but, never an Astro- Numerology Reading. I am complex and my work is complex, and Tania was unbelievably accurate. She was able to describe me and my work in such a lucid and profound way. She even described my work with LIGHT…….something she knew nothing about.
Knowing yourself is the first step in making important decisions in life. Thank you, Tania for the most remarkable session. I am wowed!”
Althea Gray, Healer, Diplomat of Sri Lanka - Santa Fe, NM
“Working with Tania has been transformational . . . both personally and professionally. I have been mentoring with Tania for nearly a year after starting with the Personal Numerology Blueprint. I was so impressed by the initial experience that we have incorporated her incomparable gifts into our regular strategic planning activities.
“Since experiencing the invaluable Complete Astro-Numerology Consultation, I am better able to interpret and plan for the opportunities and challenges that may lie ahead for me and my business so that I can play at my highest level, invest my energy in the right places, take great care of myself and have a blast while living an amazingly full life!
“Thanks to Tania’s regular feedback and guidance, my productivity has increased by at least 20% and our revenues are projected to increase by 30% by the end of the year. I can’t imagine running my business or life without her.”
Teri B., Business Owner - Los Angeles, CA
“Dear Tania,
Just wanted to THANK YOU so very much for the Astro-Numerology Consultation this afternoon! I got SO much out of it.. Your reading confirmed feelings that I have had deep within myself. Never before have I been so enthralled and eager to continue along my destined path. Your reverence for life instills within me a deep, profound feeling of hope and inspiration, which I know will stay with me forever.”
Abraham A.

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