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Murdoch is a media tycoon. He is ranked 13th most powerful person in
the world on Forbes' 2010 “The World's Most Powerful People” list.


number 13 is appropriate in many ways, as I'll explain in a moment.


empire is being rocked with more scandal as each day passes. Today former
British Prime Minster Gordon Brown is accusing the prestigious newspaper
“Sunday Times” of using known criminals to illegally access his bank accounts,
legal files and tax documents.


more damaging, Brown is alleging that another major newspaper, “The Sun”,
gained illegal access to his then infant's son's medical condition – exposing
his Cystic Fibrosis.


“The Sun” and the “Sunday Times” are owned by Rupert Murdoch.


This is only the beginning of the
end for him. Murdoch's numbers are coming full circle this month and year.


Murdoch was born on 3.11.1931. His
birth name adds up to 98/17/8.


So Rupert Murdoch's three
important birth numbers are 11, 10/1 and 17/8. His 17/8 Destiny shows he
understands wealth and power, is a natural chairman and will leave a legacy
behind – good or not so good.


His 11 Day of Birth is important
this year and month. July is an 11 Universal
Month, so ALL of us are being asked to walk through the 11 gateway of Truth.
However, if you have a prominent 11 in your Birth Blueprint like Murdoch does,
you will experience the 11 even more.


Of course, depending on Murdoch's
past actions, facing the truth could get volatile.


This is especially true now since,
for Murdoch, July is a 16/7 Personal
Month. IF you are not intuitively connected – rather, you're making decisions
based on fear – a 16/7 cycle will seek to wake you up. That's when a 16 cycle
symbolizes “a man with a crown on his head being struck by lightning and
falling from a high place.”


For Murdoch the 16/7 is even more
powerful, for three reasons:


1.     His now
closed tabloid “News of the World” has a 34/7 current name.

2.      He is in a 9 Personal Year of
culmination and endings.

3.      His current name ‘Rupert
Murdoch' adds up to 13/4.


The 34/7 name for ‘News of the World' and Murdoch's 16/7
Personal Month in July both triggered each other.


His 9 Personal Year symbolizes endings. An ending can be a
happy occasion, a celebration, or it can indicate a major transformation – a
release of old patterns, beliefs and behaviors. For Murdoch the latter
description certainly applies. Though, he also activated the celebration part
of the number 9 in March, when
the British government cleared the way for his
company ‘News Corporation' to take over the nation's biggest pay television
company, British Sky Broadcasting. With the deal, he appeared to be close to
realizing his most sweeping business vision in Britain.


However, an unexpected event
occurred. The long investigation over the hacking of public figures' telephone
messages by ‘News of the World' journalists exploded. Now Murdoch is faced with
even more ‘endings.'


His numerology recipe is made even
more dramatic with another vital ingredient:


Rupert Murdoch's current name
resonates to 13/4.


Remember the name you use right
now is an ACTIVATOR of all your birth numbers and cycles. Your name will either
activate your life in a fortunate or challenging way.


Time - Murdoch.png

Murdoch's 13 name imparts great powers of genius. Plus, 13
aligns with the 31st year of the last century when Murdoch was born.
This creates a mirror reversal of numbers 13 and 31 – magnetizing the effect
even more.


No one can dispute Rupert Murdoch's genius. But, with the
number 13 can come a ruthless quest for power and control.


13 is aligned with Power. If this power is used for selfish
reasons, 13 brings destruction. If this power is used for positive reasons, 13 creates
profound healing and transformation. This is because 13 symbolizes death and


Depending on the motive, ‘death' can indicate destruction.


Isn't it appropriate then, that Murdoch's LAST ranking on Forbes' “The World's Most Powerful People” list was at the number 13


In July, 2011 all of these numbers came together in the
spirit of Truth for Mr. Murdoch.


To sum up Murdoch's current numerology activations:


   – 2011
is a 4 Universal Year, triggering Murdoch's powerful 13/4 current name.


   – July,
2011 is an 11 Universal Month, triggering Murdoch's 11 Day of Birth – inspire
by walking through the gateway of Truth.


   – For
Murdoch personally, July is a 16/7 month, triggering the challenging 34/7 name
of his ‘News of the World' tabloid.


Murdoch is in a 9 Personal Year, signifying endings.


Isn't it interesting that Murdoch's umbrella company “News
Corporation” has a 66 current name number, which reduces to 12/3? 12 is the Victim


Shortly I will be releasing a new video explaining why those
who are victimizing others are being ousted and stopped, now – and in 2012. It
is a fascinating time to be alive and witness the changing of the guard.


Old, out-dated empires are crumbling. There is much more to


You can transcend the negative and capitalize on the
profound changes sweeping humanity by tuning into your personal numbers. Plus, be
sure your current name is fortunate.


“A good name is more
important than the most precious ointment.”

– Ecclesiastes


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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