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the British royals in the news lately, and Sarah Ferguson's snub from the
recent royal wedding, I was curious to check her numbers. Also known as the
Duchess of York, Sarah has had her share of ups and downs. Now she is trying to
get her life and finances in balance.


is a public figure with two current names. However most people, including the
media, refer to her as ‘Sarah Ferguson'.


Ferguson' adds up to 51/6 in the ancient Chaldean numerology system I use for
current names. It is the same number ‘Oprah Winfrey' resonates to. So it
interesting that Oprah reached out to Sarah last year to support her goal to
release and change.


is the ‘Warrior' number.
With a 51 current name you are promised sudden
advancement in whatever you want to accomplish. It certainly worked for Oprah.
And to some extent, it worked for Sarah Ferguson who married her Prince Andrew.


Every warrior has enemies though,
so there is a warning of attracting hidden enemies with this name number. It's
why I don't recommend 51 names for most of my clients. Oprah has been able to
handle and benefit from the powerful energy. But for most, the glory this
number promises isn't worth the risk.


Sarah Ferguson's case, the number 51 of her name is being activated this year –
 she is 51 years old.


is also born on the 15th. Numbers 51 and 15 are mirror reversals of
each other. So, her willingness to be transparent about her deepest feelings
and heal them couldn't come at a better time.


and 51 reduce to 6, the number of taking on responsibility, love, home, dear
friends, finances and family. It is an emotional and healing frequency. 6 looks
like a pregnant woman and literally asks you to nourish yourself. This number
resonates to love and compassion and symbolizes the ‘cosmic parent'.


there is another great number in the mix right now for Sarah. Her Personal Year
is a 10/1 – the ‘Instant Manifestation' number.


means she just started a whole new 9-year cycle. So her ability to reinvent
herself, release old unwanted patterns and start fresh is made much easier.
Plus the 10 allows her to manifest any thoughts with speed.


In a
nutshell, Sarah Ferguson has a wonderful opportunity to heal, renew and empower
herself this year.


who is a public figure is much more scrutinized. For Sarah, this is doubly the
case, since she married into the most media-hounded family in the world – the
Windsor family.


her 51/6 current name, and the enemies it can attract, I recommend a spelling
change. It would give her more support and breathing room, and help the
notoriously vicious British media to back off.


suggest she use ‘Sarah Fergusson', which resonates to the highly fortunate 54/9
and carries none of the warnings of the 51 warrior number.


wish Sarah Ferguson well as she creates the life she wants for herself and her


all of us the issue of feeling at peace in all parts of our life is coming up
in 2011. When you are in debt, emotionally or financially, peace is hard to
come by. You are fearful and worried because your life is out of balance.


comes from a place of inner peace – about who you want to BE, and how you are
going to get there.


why, when you want to make changes and elevate your life to a new level, your
emotions have to be addressed first. In my ‘Prosperity Power System' you are
shown the spiritual Law of Attraction and Law of Opposites. In order to attract
prosperity, you must understand both laws. Especially in 2011 – a number which
offers you the option of feeling at one, or divided.


understood and implemented, these spiritual laws allow you to activate your ‘Personal
Wealth Formula' to the highest degree possible.


a sneak peak of this empowering seminar here.


Be amazed at ALL you can accomplish in this incredible 11 Gateway year.


Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


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