sarah-shourd-300x248.jpgLast week Sarah Shourd, one of
three Americans held in Iran as a spy for over a year, was freed.


Shourd's fiancée, Shane Bauer, and
good friend, Josh Fattal, are still being held in an Iranian prison for the foreseeable


Today I had a chance to look at
their names and numbers. As I expected, there is much to tell.


I always check a person's current
name first. Sarah Shourd's name resonates to 12/3. In a current name, this
number is not recommended. It symbolizes ‘the Victim' mentality.


Amazingly, in 2009 Shourd was
experiencing a 21/3 year. Notice how the 12 and 21 reverse mirror each other.
This is a major activation and shows how her current name was triggered that
year by her captivity.


All three Americans have a very
strong, fateful connection to each other.


When one of your major birth
numbers is a 4 or an 8, you will attract people into your life who ALSO have a
4 or an 8 prominently placed in their birth blueprints.


Plus, big events usually happen on
a 4 or 8 date.


For Sarah, Shane and Josh, the 4
and 8 fateful connection is extremely active.


Look at these numbers.


sarah, shane, josh.jpg

1. Sarah has a 35/8 Life Purpose –
full birthday Number.


2. Her fiancée, Shane Bauer, was
born on a 13/4 Day and has a 31/4 Life Purpose.


3. Their close friend, Josh Fattal,
was born on the 4th.


4. All three were imprisoned on
the 31st of July, 2009 – a 31/4 Universal Day.


5. 7.31.2009 was a 22/4 Universal


6. Sarah Shourd was freed during
her 13/4 – unexpected events – Personal Year.


7. September is a 22/4 Personal
Month for Sarah.


This element of ‘fate and destiny', 
inherent when the 4 and 8 interact with each other, is really magnified when BOTH
dates and several people share the 4 and 8 frequencies. In fact, what this means
in terms of U.S. / Iran relations is another big inside story.


As you can imagine, there is much
more I have discovered about this incident and what it signifies for the
future. I will reveal all of what I found LIVE in two weeks at my ‘Scan Your
Life' Seminar


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Tania Gabrielle


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