418384_10151254077203185_1123542557_nWhile vacationing in Belize for 10 days, Clara and I encountered a direct hit by Hurricane Earl.

It was an apt metaphor!

With Saturn square Neptune (the defining transit of 2016) being triggered especially this month, all our hidden motivators are being brought to the surface.

Fortunately on Saturday, August 13, Saturn stations direct again at 9° Sagittarius, joining Mars in that sign of expansion and joy. While Saturn was retrograde over the past 4.5 months (since March 15), you have learned what part of your life you needed to take responsibility for.

Identifying what was NOT working well has been a major theme – and then taking that understanding into a higher level of consciousness, the inevitable call-to-action.

Expressing yourself creatively has been a key healing practice in helping you to alchemize the tension and turn your AHA into a powerful experience of transcendence and love.

August 13 is an incredible celebration of love, the divine feminine and the Moon:

  • Each of our four seasons lasts 13 weeks (there are 4 x 13 weeks in a year = 52)
  • Every year has 13 lunar cycles

13 is symbolizes empowerment through rebirth and manifestation. 13 empowers from within and 4 manifests the miracles of life into reality.

13/4 represents life, death, transformation – rebirth.

As it happens, on August 13, 2016 Venus is exactly square Saturn – and a square is a literal representation of the number 4!

So Venus arrives and creates a powerful “T-square” call-to-action to love and be open to love…

This arrival of Venus magnifies our internal feminine intuition and desire for love …. it creates an especially strong call for us to LOVE one another unconditionally.

Every cell, every atom is love. Your gorgeous soul is made of love!

So as you navigate the next days and weeks, pull back a bit and put yourself in another’s shoes. Especially your potential or current lovers.

Be loving towards yourself and them – and honor any desire for space vs. intimacy. Saturn wants space, Venus and Neptune crave intimacy. Remember, when a planet is stationing (changing direction) as Saturn is now, that planet has the greatest impact on us.

  • With Saturn amazing practical results can be achieved with PATIENCE.
  • With Neptune you are recalibrating the grid of love and living a life of spiritual service.
  • With Venus your attention on abundance and being wide open to the beauty of love are emphasized.

And altogether, the Venus – Neptune – Saturn T-square on August 13 in Sagittarius results in positive growth and change… It arises first in your tender, sweet heart, and as you extend the kindness and love to you and share your sweet embrace in a most powerful, honest way with others, watch the miracles and abundance unfold.

We are coming through a phase of growth right now… and you’ll feel reinvigorated and secure in the fruits of this period in the next weeks and months.

Hold steady and have FAITH in the miracles surrounding you now!

Many Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Pashyanti Carole Hand August 13, 2016 at 10:54 am - Reply

    Love your broadcasts. Mature astrology! I want to have my book published and my visual art shown and sold. Been unable to share these things for a long time….

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