Saturn has been in retrograde since April 17.

Since Saturn is in its own sign of Capricorn, the focus on all things Career and Leadership have taken even more precedence.

Now Saturn is stationing – about to go Direct again on September 6.

This is great news since it is infusing your thoughts and plans with Positivity!

In the past months we have been learning to be more self sufficient, more determined to reach our goals – just like the Sea-Goat representing Capricorn mastering climbing the treacherous peaks and swimming in the wildest of waters.

As Saturn will starts inching forward again over the next weeks in its OWN sign, it will signal a major transformation in your life… with an emphasis on your divine mission.

  • You are definitely going to put to work everything you’ve discovered.
  • You’re able to take on more responsibilities – but now with EASE and CONFIDENCE.
  • Certainly your wholeoutlook on life will be brighter!

That’s because there are ONLY harmonious aspects to Saturn during this change of direction!

A Grand Trine (the most fortunate sacred geometric planetary design) is being created from MERCURY and URANUS to SATURN… so beautiful!

  • Your mind is elevated to another plane….
  • Your ability to concentrate and focus is super high.
  • You will accomplish your projects with attention to detail – and get them done on time!

This Grand Trine is great for making big decisions.

It favors stepping up as a role model, signing contracts, deep discussions and all career and business related negotiations.

Uranus’ role in this powerful Grand Trine ensures that you are OPEN to exploring new pathways, eager to take a risk and able to channel your heightened intuition into real, viable results.

You are taking your Inner Psychic seriously!

Uranus trine Saturn blends freedom with security, and absolutely indicates a positive SHIFT in your life.

Change is implemented with ease now – as you feel patient, excited and calm at the same time.

So, take the LEAD! Make it happen!

Implement the changes you’ve been yearning for!

Uranus trine Mercury trine Saturn at the SAME MOMENT Saturn starts moving forward in its own sign of Capricorn attracts enormous positive breakthroughs!

Take this special time in September to activate everything that is positive in your own birth chart.

The first place to look is Jupiter – planet of joy, abundance and expansion.

Where is Jupiter in your astrology birth chart?

How is the original spark of true abundance awakened in your life?

  • Is Jupiter in your 12th house uncovering what is hidden and bringing to light the unseen – and thus bringing joy?
  • Or is Jupiter in your 5th house asking you to step out on stage and share your expansive vision?
  • Or perhaps Jupiter is in your 3rd house indicating you must always speak or write with the intent of sharing a positive message?

At the exact moment of your birth Jupiter was in one of the 12 signs and in one of the 12 houses in your chart. The precise location of Jupiter in your birth chart reveals how you naturally attract happiness, abundance and fulfillment.

In fact, you have THREE unique Jupiter Wealth zones!

Your Jupiter zones unlock your wealth code (including how you may be repelling prosperity).

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Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

PS. Discover and awaken your Jupiter blessings while Saturn moves from retrograde to DIRECT – wanting to put your gifts to work – and forming a highly fortunate trine!