Today is May 8, a day of empowerment and abundance. The number 8 and the sign of Taurus are aligned with value and our inner values.

As you know, 2012 adds up to 5 – the Universal Year of Freedom.

What I’ve found in the many years of coaching people is that they don’t feel free, nor do they feel valued. Rather, they feel obligated to do things, or obligated to serve others.

If you are currently in a relationship, career or living a lifestyle that is not happy and fulfilling, then it’s time to look within and ask yourself:

Do I need to be in a relationship with this person or this situation?

If the answer is NO, then you have arrived at a fork in the road – a real pivot point symbolized by the Number 5 of 2012.

In 2012 you are being asked to make choices. Every choice requires that you re-direct your focus. Is your energy focusing on a value system that makes you feel less deserving? If so, redirect your focus on feeling valued for who you are and what you do.

2012 is the 5 Shift Year, when you pivot from feeling victimized to soul-empowered.

True authentic Power is harnessed when you do Soul-directed activity.

Power is lost when you do Ego-directed activity.

Let’s look at some common ego-directed choices. We all have experienced being on the phone with a friend and letting him or her talk long past when YOU would like the conversation to have ended, right?

The choice made in that instance was to continue listening to stories that dissipated your energy instead of lifting you up.

I’m not talking about refusing to listen to a friend who is working through a challenge. Rather asking yourself in the process of listening, “is there anything I can do to support my friend so she can feel connected to her true essence, her Soul?” If NOT, then you are not assisting, but allowing your own energy to be dissipated and lowered by spending unnecessary time with someone who is not ready to do release their ego.

Compassion does not ask you to be a doormat. Compassion is never an obligation.

Another common experience people who feel less deserving create in their lives is to make appointments to do things or see people even when they don’t have the time, or when there is no uplifting reason to be with them.

Again, you have to ask yourself why you feel obligated to put others first, ahead of YOU? Why do you feel your Soul is not deserving of joy, peace of mind and freedom

2012 is breaking down our long-held paradigms we have carried of feeling obligated to someone or something other than YOUR Soul. The path to joy is enabled when you spend time doing only those things that enable your highest good.

If you do something that does not support your highest good, you are not creating the highest good for anyone around you either.

So really, this moment right now is an opportunity to re-direct your energy towards your highest good.

Do what you LOVE to do. Do what brings you joy and delights you!

The instant you stop resisting what brings you happiness – you are FREE! You make uplifting choices. You value who and what you truly are… a Divine Being of Light.

Settle for nothing less than joy. Your experience of 2012 depends on it.

Review what you have set up for yourself in terms of commitments, phone calls, meetings with friends and keep only those that uplift you.

Self-care is the first step towards freedom.

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Be a pioneer for inner peace.

Blessings and Love,


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  1. David Cohen May 15, 2012 at 6:14 am - Reply

    Hello Tania:

    I came across your website quite by accident while I was doing some research for world renowned numerologists. You see I have been receiving letters of late in increasing quantity from alleged seers, mediums, clairvoyants etc. While I know that most if not all of these are just gimmicks designed to pray on people, there is something inside me that tells me there must be some genuine people who practice this art. Hence I came across your name and in reading your material there is a match with many of the truths I have come to know while on my own personal Journey of the past 2 1/2 years to finding my own Joy and “soul- empowerment “. I know this year will be the culmination of setting my path straight that began on December 30, 2009. I left my third lucrative career of nearly 20 years in the insurance business on that date to embark on a frightening, yet powerful journey toward freeing my soul. I am thirsty for as much of your information as I can read to explore unknown elements regarding what the future holds in store for me. I feel it is something great. Thank you for the work you do. I believe it is inspirational.

    • Tania
      Tania May 15, 2012 at 4:58 pm - Reply

      Welcome, David! And thank you for your kind thoughts. I believe we are all finding our true spiritual communities right now. Connecting in this way elevates all of us and helps us to serve the greater good. Love and Blessings to you!

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