The New Moon in Scorpio brings incredible opportunities to set yourself free and forge a fresh start.

Scorpio encourages fearlessness and total integrity.

Adding to the energy surge in Scorpio:

  • Uranus is exactly opposite the Sun and Moon.
  • All are at in a 13/4 Universal Month – creating a powerful 4:4:4:4 code!

As the number 4 inspires you to get to work and build a solid foundation, abundance expands because Uranus in Taurus rules the second house naturally in astrology – the house of values and attracting wealth.

Though this is a New Moon, the exact opposition to Uranus brings awareness by something manifesting at an opposite polarity.

You are consciously setting yourself free so you are poised to embark on a wonderful, profound, new adventure.

Fearlessness, integrity and truth are your guides.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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