Last month the singer Seal and television host/model Heidi Klum announced that they plan to divorce after seven years of marriage.

I looked at their names and numbers and can see why they married.

Two of their three important birth numbers are in harmony, with the third category in conflict. They share three out of six numbers. Certainly this shows Klum and Seal are compatible as a couple.

Another factor in every person’s life is the current name.

‘Seal’ adds up to 12/3, which I call the ‘Victim Number’ in a current name.

‘Heidi Klum’ adds up to 13/4, another challenging name number.

Though both celebrities have been hugely successful, their current names will continue to attract challenges.

With Heidi, there is no question that the time for major life changes is this year.

1. Heidi Klum is 38 years old, and 3+8 = 11, the number of Double New Beginnings.

2. She is currently in an 11 Personal Year – a Double New Beginnings Cycle.

Two 11s active at the SAME time indicate changes across the board for Klum – in her personal life, her career and also where she lives.

As for Seal, he was experiencing a 16/7 Personal Year when the divorce was announced in January.

16 cycles bring sudden, unexpected events.

Seal has a 31/4 Life Purpose and a 13/4 Destiny Number. January 2012 was an 8 Personal Month for him. When you have a prominent 4 or 8 in your birthday numbers then 4 and 8 cycles, like his 8 Month, often trigger ‘karmic’ events.

Since Seal was also in the ‘sudden changes’ 16/7 personal year in January, the big unexpected shift in his life makes a lot of sense.

Remember that these numbers are not positive or negative. They are reflected in your life based on what has come before. Heidi Klum was supposedly unhappy with Seal’s temper. Their split happened during a time when both their numerological cycles indicated rapid change.

This brings up the question of how we make decisions.

A friend of mine recently said to me that he felt everyone always makes self-centered decisions.

It is true that most people make choices based on how profitable the result will be for them. However, when it comes our relationships – the KEY topic in 2012 – things can get really complicated with this approach.

When you live your life based on how each moment will bring YOU the optimum advantage, you have left the present moment and instead projected yourself into the future based on your fears from the past. You are no longer connected and in relationship with yourself or the other person. You are not ‘at One’ with anything. You are only thinking about, “how can I gain the most and lose the least?”

At that moment, every opportunity for love and freedom is lost.

You are projecting your fears onto the person or situation and creating a storyline of defense that says,  “just in case things don’t work out… I’m covered.”

You have missed a chance to live fearlessly, innocently and truthfully.

When it comes to your own decisions you may want to ask yourself, “is this for my highest good?”

When it comes to your another person’s decision, you may want to offer them, “whatever you feel is best for you.”

By living with total freedom and offering others total freedom you make the highest choice for everyone. In fact, the highest good for YOU is always the highest good for others, even if it may not seem that way at first.

On the other hand, if you try to do what you think is best for the other person you are projecting your own fears onto him. It’s incredibly confusing, because, here you are thinking you are helping someone when in truth you are trying to reform and influence his life to suit you best. That is slavery, not freedom.

So many of our relationships are dysfunctional because we are projecting instead of inflecting.

We try doing “what is best” for another by showing compassion, forgiveness and habitually looking past certain behaviors. Over time we start pulling away from the other person whom we slowly start resenting and end up in a sacrificial, joyless relationship.

Always do what is for the highest good for YOU and you will instantly do what is for the highest good for others.

This is not being self-centered of narcissistic.

A narcissistic person always puts herself first. She thinks she is better than others and deserves special treatment. A narcissist isn’t so interested in having warmth and love in a relationship.

No, this is about doing what is for your highest good, what is BEST for you. That is the difference

Heidi Klum feels right now that what is best for her (and the children) is that she separate from Seal. At this moment she feels this decision is for her highest good

May will all live in non-judgment of others (until we walk in their shoes) and focus on doing everything for our highest good.

In 2012 all of us are being asked to focus honestly on relationships.

See how your personal cycles activate for you during The Next 12 Months. Be prepared. You will experience the ultimate shift in your life during this amazing year of change.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle