Many cultures are afraid of the Number 13. Because it signifies death.
Let me use the United States as an example of how powerful this number actually is. And why being afraid of it may keep people from tapping into some pretty powerful energy.
As you look at the significance of the number 13, keep in mind that its root number is 4.
Now let’s look at the significance of the number 13 in U.S. history.
How many colonies did the United States begin with? Thirteen. The first flag had 13 stars and stripes. The first Navy had 13 ships.
Then there was that most important document signed at 1300 Locust Street in Philadelphia – The Declaration of Independence. And the main author of this historic document was Thomas Jefferson, born on the 13th of April which also happens to be the 4th month of the year. Oh, and there were 13 signers of the Declaration of Independence.
When the very first White House was built, the cornerstone was laid on the 13th of October.
Even when looking at the birth chart for the United States, the number 13 emerges. This chart is drawn for 5:13 AM on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia. Notice not only the 13 but the 5, a number signifying freedom. Amazingly, the sun was at 13 degrees Cancer on that day, and the ascendant lies at 13 degrees Scorpio.
This shows once again how numerology can be applied to Any field.
If you haven’t noticed yet, the 4th of July is the root number for 13. Add up 1776 and you get none other than the number 22. Add 2 plus 2 and there’s the number 4 again.
One more thing. The largest tax cut in U.S. history was signed on the 13th of August by President Reagan.
The number 13 vibrates to transformation. This means there’s a big element of constant change. As soon as a situation seems settled, a new set of circumstances will arise to replace the old set. And isn’t this what America has stood for? The replacement of old traditions – a place to regenerate, to move from the ‘old country' to the new and transform your life.
13 really is all about bringing an end to conditions that are no longer useful in the evolutionary process. It tears down rigid thought patterns. By sailing on the wave of change to a new land, you start a fresh new lifestyle.
This is why the number thirteen is often associated with death.
But really, the death is about releasing present circumstances and opening the door for progress. Death is ultimately about Renewal.
Using the number 13 to your advantage will give you the power to transform as well. Since many of you live in the United States you benefit from this energy. It’s a big reason why America is known as the ‘Land of Opportunity.’ Never has there been more change than in the taking of an opportunity.
Do you see how numbers are everywhere, giving us signs, messages and answers?
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Numbers never lie. Let Your Numbers do the talking. You will Not be disappointed.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
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