New-Moon-in-Sagittarius-Our-New-Horizon-During the last Full Moon on August 29th an opposition between Jupiter and Neptune was first triggered.

Then, during this past New Moon Eclipse on September 13, the opposition was nearly exact.

Now, we’re about to experience the exact moment between when Jupiter and Neptune oppose each other in the heavens.

In fact, on  September 17, THREE incredible astro-numerology events happen AT ONCE:

  • Mercury goes retrograde at 15°
  • Jupiter opposite Neptune at 7°
  • Saturn finally moves completely into Sagittarius (00°)

Each one of these events is significant and stands alone as an important shift. When bunched together like this, the day and the weeks to follow are made even more special!

And I haven’t even mentioned the profound nature of Sep 17!

September 17 is a 17 Universal Day.

The Month of September is a 17 Universal Month.

17 adds up to the root number 8 (1+7 = 8)

2015 is an 8 Universal Year.

  • So September 17 triggers a Double 17 – 17 Code of Immortality!
  • …And a Triple 8-8-8 Code of strength, leadership and abundance!

Combine the astrology code to the numerology code – and it’s just one of those memorable days you can’t dream up yourself…

Plus, quick reminder, Sep 17 falls between two powerful eclipses!

This means that the second, big Supermoon Aries Eclipse on Sep 27/28 is going to be super impacted by what happens now.

Let’s look at all three events more closely:

With Jupiter opposite Neptune, you are searching for something deeper, spiritual and mystical as Jupiter expands Neptune and Neptune wants to merge everything and everyone into oneness.

You’ll feel more kind and open over these next weeks as you more easily extend yourself, admit when you’re wrong, and reach out to others in a gentle, kind way.

Neptune spiritualizes Jupiter’s joy and Jupiter expands Neptune’s message of “we are all one”.

This opposition can also bring a tendency to be caught up in illusions – so watch for that.

During a Neptune-Jupiter opposition trust issues come to the forefront, so be awake and aware when things don’t seem QUITE right or are not completely clear, because something may be hidden from you in a deliberate way.

The Truth is really coming to light throughout this powerful September – and will continue from this moment forwards.

It’s a good thing, even if you make unexpected discoveries about people that take you by surprise!

The veil is opening and the Light is revealing all that is. It’s GOOD!

Also on September 17, SATURN finally moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius until the end of 2017!

This puts a big emphasis on living your truth, being authentic, open and honest and taking responsibility for manifesting what fulfills you with joy.

Such good news!

And finally, Mercury goes RETROGRADE on September 17.

It does so at 15° in 2015 and creating a double activation of the number 15.

15 is what I call the number of the “spiritual alchemist” – the spiritual magician – thus 15 is uplifting, joyous, loving and healing.

So, during this Mercury retrograde you’ll be rethinking and re-evaluating your ideas on a deeper level especially regarding how to HEAL yourself and how to heal communication between you and others. Remember that all that has happened in the last 3-4 months is being processed and digested now.

There is a general message this month of:

  • staying true to your values
  • being completely authentic and real
  • and not wavering at all about your convictions, but standing tall and feeling confident about who you are and what you want out of life.

— Don’t let anyone or anything let you waver from what fulfills you, what resonates with you on a core level.

— Don’t let society pressure you to be what you are not, to dictate to you what you should or should not do.

— Don’t get yourself bogged down in the duality of right or wrong.

This is the core message of the number 8 – to stay in balance. Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

8 reminds us that the spiritual and mundane are not ever separate!

They are one and the same.

What you bring to the table at any moment defines how you live your whole life.

Love and Blessings,


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