path to joyRecently I received this question on my blog:

“What happens to my energy frequency when other people constantly misspell my name? It happens constantly from when I was very young. Is this some of my problem of being invisible? and not acknowledged?”

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Tera, I totally get it. My name, Tania, was always misspelled when I was growing up – and still is at times now! I remember being really annoyed by it when I was younger. Now I accept it… and just let it wash over me.

You ask a deeper question about whether this was a sign of being “invisible and not acknowledged?”

When someone misspells your name, they are expressing their state of being, not YOURS. Their actions are not a reflection of who you are.

So it's not your responsibility to enhance any energy directed at you. Energy that originated in someone else. Never let an acknowledgement (positive or negative) define who you are.

Turn the energy around. Into something powerfully uplifting. Accept that the other person may not take the time to SEE the unique spelling.

Give a heartfelt thanks to the universe that you have such a beautiful, unique, exquisite name that others are being taught to pay attention! – and know, some may not be capable!

If you turn the experience around so you see the gift you are bringing to others, your life becomes tool for love.

More than anything else, we are here to shift through love.

Acceptance is the gateway to setting yourself free. And total Self Acceptance will naturally propel you to also accept OTHERS 100%!

When you accept and love who you are, you do the same with others.

Suddenly, miraculously you won't feel offended by what others do or say or believe about you – even if it seems very personal!

You fully accept everyone, no matter how they show up in your life!

Imagine how strong this will make you feel! And how irrelevant everyone else’s reactions to you will be

So, if someone misspells your name, or ignores you, argues with you or does something else negative towards you, there is no need to reciprocate  those negative emotions.

Complete Self Acceptance is the understanding that everyone else is part of you.

So… how you treat others, respond to others, is the same as how you treat yourself.

It really helps to live in positive environment.. surrounded by friends and family who love and support you, and YOU looking forward to every day, with consistent opportunities appearing, and a fulfilling, meaningful career.

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On the other hand, a challenging name spelling does the opposite – attracting negative people and unnecessary obstacles.

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Love and Abundant Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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