love-light-dancing-with-spirit-copyApril is around the corner, and in 2016 April is all about… love.

Both self love and romantic love.

In March you realized love begins at home first – with honoring you, cherishing you, nurturing you.

By nurturing you first, you create the space for your partner to nurture their soul first too.

A most delicate, and MAGICAL balance…

Are you happy being alone? Or do you get lonely and try to fill the void (with a partner)?

Being happily alone is the key to a healthy loving relationship with another.

Giving yourself space and time to be alone, whether you are in a partnership or not, is the essence of a healthy YOU.

When you love the totality of who you are first, you are available to love the total package in your partner.

Never would you want to change who they are, because of something you're yearning for that's lacking within you. That's what happens when you are not happy alone first, and it inevitably results in you not being able to accept the other – completely.

You and your partner exist separately.

In love, your beingness merges together. The “I” and “You” disappear – and all that’s left is good energy.

Just as the body needs food to stay alive, the soul needs this merging of energy.

However, there's healthy and not so healthy love (just like with food!).

When you accept ALL of your lover – the good, the brilliant, the inspiring, and the defects too! – you merge at a soul level. That goes for any relationship/friendship.

Adore all of him or her. The whole package.

Unconditional love allows both of you to keep astonishing each other.

If you care for a person, you will not interfere in his or her personal life. You wouldn’t dare to break the boundaries of their inner world. You wouldn’t want them to break yours!

Last month, the Libra Full Moon Eclipse (on March 23) emphasized this delicate balance in all partnerships.

The Sun was in Aries opposite that Libra Moon.

Aries is the “I”, Libra is the “We”.

So, after the healing and integration of your soul in March, April will emphasize honoring this new awakening by giving you many chances to love others as you wish to be loved.

To guide you through this wonderful love code of love as it unfolds, April’s Premium Monthly Forecast supports you every step of the way!

Here are some highlights:

  • Discover the 8 Days of Love & Passion in this extraordinary month of intimacy and partnership.
  • What you must know when these THREE planets go retrograde in April – one planet will station retrograde for the first time in two years (this passionate shift is important for both your love life and your business!).
  • Discover what the Universal Month Number 13/4 has in store for your self empowerment, and your ability to implement changes that inspire – and last…
  • When a gorgeous “Wealth Trine” opens the doors for you to manifest money – as long as you share from a soul-level.
  • 3 powerful Days of “Fate and Destiny” await you in April… how you will meet opportunities that feel totally destined on these important days – a MUST to put in your calendar!
  • What the Aries Full Moon and Scorpio New Moon both have in common regarding firing up your love life (and how to use the intensification of this same code throughout the month of April!)
  • Venus, planet of love and abundance, plays a major role in April – discover when to take advantage Venus activation days!

So much to share about this beautiful month!

I invite you to explore April’s richly detailed and uplifting Premium Monthly Forecast – and have it at your fingertips NOW, one month in advance.

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Blessings and Love,


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