California Poppies and GazaniasHappy Lunar Equinox!

The beginning of Spring (Autumn in the Southern hemisphere) invites us into a NEW solar year. This is the actual start of the New Year in Astrology.

Spring began at 4:56 pm Universal Time on March 20.

Here’s an overview of how this new solar year influences all of us for the next 12 months.

First let’s recap last year’s numbers. In 2013 Spring arrived on 3.20.2013 initiating an 11 code joined with the numbers 13 and Universal Year 6. Keywords were double new beginnings, upheaval so new ground can be broken, family matters and extra responsibilities.

In 2014 we entered a 7 Universal Year of spiritual awakening.

3.20.2014 adds up to the number 12.

Both 7 and 12 are about some form of learning, observation and reflection.

7 represents the lightning strike of wisdom -insights that appear as if out of nowhere. 7 is the psychic, intuitive number. It also governs deep analysis and intelligence. So the learning is on the quiet side. You learn best in silence and in a state of meditation.

12 symbolizes the cycles of time and the wisdom gained through experience.

There are 12 months, 12 hours in a clock, 12 astrology signs and 12 notes in a musical chromatic scale.

In a current cycle 12 prompts us to stop, listen and learn… and to stop believing we are the victim of circumstance. Number 12 delves deeply into truth and helps you see the good in opposing ideas without judging either side, which in the end only helps you get in touch with Who You Are.

12 adds up to 3, the number or self expression and social interaction. 3 governs the sacred triad of mother, father, child and therefore is Creation.

The 14th year brings lots of unanticipated change, a quest for freedom, quick decisions and major media coverage of local or world events. Both 3 and 14 fall under the realm of clear communication. The 3 governs communicating your heart-centered feelings, the 14 is about clear communication, often with large groups of people.

As nature renews herself, so do we.

How do you get in touch with those parts of yourself that are holding you back, that are keeping you from living a life of fulfillment?

There is a part to your personal code that is hidden from view. This section of your code describes your shadow side. It is not negative or bad. Your shadow side brings to light what the number 12 helps you understand – a part of you that seems contradictory and polarizing.

Polarity is a good thing. It enables you see your current state with the greatest clarity.

Every Spring and Fall Equinox brings us into Balance. Equinox means EQUAL as in equal day and night when are both 12 hours in length.

Day and night symbolize light and dark.

The missing link on our journey is how easily we see and acknowledge the dark part of our equation. Without acknowledgement there cannot be growth.

We mistake the dark for something negative, when it is absolutely vital for expansion and fulfillment!

Your soul’s personal numbers’ code uncovers this missing link – then one you might have been missing all along detailing exactly what you must focus on to clear hidden psychic, mental and emotional debris so you can manifest and attract financial and spiritual prosperity.

Discover the powerful personal remedies to success revealed in your Abundance Blueprint.

Spring brings your life into balance. Celebrate rebirth as an Abundant Being!

Love and fulfillment,


P.S. The Abundance Blueprint includes your “Personal Shift Number” – describing important wealth-creation qualities specific to YOUR code that you’ll apply to monetize your soul’s gifts.


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