Steve Jobs young.pngI am rarely as deeply moved by a famous person's death as I was when I heard of Steve Jobs' two nights ago.

My first response was to thank him for all he had done to change my life and our world.

Steve Jobs fulfilled his mission – gloriously, elegantly. Just like Mozart.

In my book Jobs' creations equal Mozart's, who consistently composed exquisite, irresistible works of art. Mozart also died young.

Is it a coincidence that Jobs loved music and helped save the music industry when he invented the iPod and introduced iTunes?

As a composer and writer, I could not live without Apple and the amazing software this brilliant company inspired and introduced. My whole life is better because of Steve Jobs.

Let's look at the Astro-Numerology for Jobs – the Mozart of Technology.

On Apple's website you'll see an amazing photo of an intensely focused Steve Jobs and the years:




Steve Jobs was 56 years old – a number which also adds up to 11.


So he activated a triad of Master Numbers, 55, 11 and 11.


55 is a Master Number of the magnetic leader attracting the masses with original invention and inspired thought.


55 adds up to 10 and 10 reduces to 1. The number 55 represents double adventure, inspiration, magnetism, the masses and the media. 10 is the number of Love and Light – Instant Manifestation. The 1 symbolizes originality, leadership and invention with the “0” representing the Alpha and Omega – the universe – and divine protection.


How appropriate for the inventor of the home desktop computer, iPod, iPhone, iTunes and iPad that computer code is made up of 1s and 0s – a literal expression of the number 10.


10 in our society also means ‘Perfection' – something Jobs always strived for. No wonder…

Here is why the 10/1 defined his life:


1. His Life Purpose (derived from adding the numbers in his birthday) is 28/10/1.

2. Apple Computer ALSO has a 28/10/1 Life Purpose AND was founded on a 1 Day.


3. “Apple Computer”, the company he co-founded, is a 10/1 current name.


4. Steve Jobs died in October the 10th month of the year.

5. October 5, 2011 was a 10/1 Universal Day.

6. Jobs was born in the 55th Year of the century – a 10/1.

All three numbers – 55, 10 and 1 – are in the 1-5-7 Mind trilogy. His Mind was acute and intensely focused on his goals.


Another number is this trilogy, the 5, was also very active for him

Note that Steve Jobs died on the 5th. This directly activated his Destiny Number.

Your Destiny is derived from your birth name, and ‘Steven Paul Jobs' adds up to 68/14/5. How appropriate! 14/5 is the Media Number – describing your career and everything about Steve Jobs' success occurred because of Media – computer and internet.

Amazingly, this very same 14/5 Media Number also shows up in the Career section of his astrological chart. The ruling planet of his Midheaven – the career point in a chart – sits at 14/5 degrees at the time of his birth.

Just as importantly, Jobs' natal sun lies at 5 degrees.

Steve Jobs on Stage 1.png

5 attracts the masses. This number knows how to ‘sell'. In ancient times, politicians wanted 5 current names because they knew how powerfully magnetic this number is.

Jobs was the embodiment of magnetic stage presence. He knew how to speak, to pause for grand moments – he understood rhythm. This is why many consider Jobs to be he greatest CEO in our lifetime. It was HIS energy and enthusiasm that created AND sold his products.

Like a great entrepreneur, he made it fun and irresistible to invest in his brand.

Jobs was born a 24/6 Day, meaning he had a strong urge to help people and take on responsibility. The 6 factor also added a strong magnetism to his presence.

I'll share another secret about Steve Jobs' Astro-Numerology with you:

He had a very rare geometric pattern in his chart – a Grand Square.

Imagine a square with two lines crossing diagonally opposite ends. From above, a Grand Square looks like a 3-D representation of the Great Pyramid. Therefore it exhibits the numbers 4 for the square and 3 for the triad.

3 is Perfection in Creativity – the Mother, Father, Child.

4 is Practical Discipline – Manifesting into Physical Reality.

People who have a Grand Square are extremely driven. They just ‘know' they have a mission to manifest. Some cannot handle the intensity that this powerful geometric pattern attracts. Thankfully, Steve Jobs thrived on his Grand Square, which gave him the strength and will power to overcome tremendous obstacles on the road to building his own Grand Pyramid – Apple Computers.

Steve's Ascendant – the number at the horizon at the time of your birth – is another Master Number – 22.

22 is also known as the ‘Buddha' number.  Steve was a practicing Buddhist. 22/4 has two 2s and a 4, so it activated his ability to manifest ideas and dreams into physical reality -and bring a quality of peace and mediation to the world.


This quote given by Jobs to Time magazine, perfectly sums up all his numbers:

“What is Apple, after all? Apple is about people who think ‘outside the box,' people who want to use computers to help them change the world, to help them create things that make a difference, and not just to get a job done.”


Jobs passed away on 10.5. 2011.


This date activates a set of frequencies that prove his mission was accomplished and completed.

In October, Jobs was experiencing a 13 Personal Month – symbolizing Life, Death and Transformation.

On October 5, he had an 18/9 Personal Day, a time for rest and endings.

The 5 brought a moment of decision – a pivot point. This number activated all the 5's mentioned above, including his sun at 5 degrees.

He was 56/11 years young.

Finally, we must look at Jobs' current names, as your current name either activates your birth blueprint in a positive or challenging way.

He is mostly known as “Steve Jobs”, which resonates to a highly fortunate name number- 36/9… bringing great rewards and rich harvests IF you stand by your vision and not be intimidated by opinions which differ from yours.

No one would argue that Steve Jobs did exactly that – and more.

Yet, Jobs emitted another name frequency into the world as well. One that was not an easy number.

He was also referred to as “Steven P. Jobs”. And that spelling is very challenging.

“Steven P. Jobs” adds up to 13/4 – the number of death and rebirth and a highly original, even Genius mind. However 13 current names attract a many obstacles and bring up issues with power.

His 13 current name shows why he experienced tremendous hardships as well.

What matters in the end is that Steve Jobs truly transformed the world. Note that “Steve” provided “Jobs”. So his last name literally shows one of his many gifts to humanity!

He will be missed.

I leave you with one of his brilliant quotes:

“Death is likely the single best invention
of life.”

Talk about living in the moment!

Take nothing for granted. Live as if you have nothing to loose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Thank you Steve, for your life, your genius and for implementing your extraordinary vision. Thank you for enabling millions of us to manifest our gifts, now and in the future.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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