Last night news came North Korea’s leader, Kim Jung-il, has died. This shocking turn of events has added more uncertainty to world events.

A day later, on December 18, Vaclav Havel – poet, dissident, playwright and first President of the Czech Republic – died.

Two very different leaders. Two very different numerology profiles.

Kim Jong-il was born on February 16 in 1941 (Soviet records) or 1942 (North Korean records).

Either way, he was in a 13/4 Personal Year.

Amazingly, that makes December a 16/7 Personal Month for Kim.

13 and 16 are the numbers most equated with sudden transitions when they show up in a personal cycle. Unforeseen and extraordinary changes are magnified when 13 and 16 show up as a unit together – and in Kim’s case we see the added dynamic created this month since December triggers Kim’s 16 Day of Birth.

His death came from a heart attack, signifying the sudden nature of this numbers' formula.

16 indicates spiritual transcendence and transformation – which is often fostered when a person with a ‘crown' on his or her head falling from a high place.

13 symbolizes birth, death and re-birth and is activated by unexpected events as well.

Both 13 and 16 are powerful numbers – as to HOW the power is used that indicates in which way these numbers manifest in a person’s life.

Kim Jung-il died on a 17 Universal Day. Activating the ‘Immortality Number' on the day of death shows he leaves a legacy behind. A legacy can be positive or negative. In this case the 17 indicates that his personal stamp on this isolated Asian country is going to influence its course in some capacity for quite some time.

These changes and uncertainty open the door for transformation on a deep, transpersonal level.

At the same time the unexpected can create the possibility of misunderstandings. This is why staying calm in the midst of heightened tensions is imperative.

Vaclav Havel passed away during a very natural time of transition for him. His personal numbers reflect a life fulfilled.

Havel had just started a new 9-year cycle two months ago. The change from a 9-year to a 1 Personal Year always brings beginnings and endings.

Havel was born on a 5 Day and had a 25/7 Life Purpose. Both 5 and 7 lie in the 1-5-7 triad of ‘Mind Numbers'.

Amazingly, Havel not only passed on during a 1 Year, but a 5 Personal Month and 5 Personal Day, thus activating the two important numbers in his birthday! His ‘mind’ numbers indicate he had a brilliant intellect.

If you’re wondering how this ties into his creativity as a poet, playwright and essayist (as well as his magnetic political speeches), Havel’s Destiny Number gives the answer. His birth name adds up to 39 which reduces to 3 – the number of creative perfection and self-expression.

Note that 39 also adds up to 12. This shows that Havel’s political career directly connected to the issue of victimization. As a world-renowned dissident, Havel fits this number to a tee. He was imprisoned for his politics, calling the Soviet-backed regime in former Czechoslovakia “Absurdistan”.

Of course he is best known for his role in leading the 1989 ‘Velvet Revolution’. After being elected President in 1990 – a 25/7 Personal Year for him tying directly into his 25/7 Life Purpose – Havel oversaw the country’s transition to democracy.

He experienced and guided radical change while in office, including the recession of Slovakia, which he opposed.

It is fitting then that Havel leaves us during an even greater period of change.

Vaclav Havel was 75 years-old, a number which adds up to 12 – showing the strong connection to his powerful Destiny. The numbers on the day he died show that he definitely fulfilled his mission.

Now it is two days before the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. December 21 brings a great opportunity to reflect, re-organize and renew.

Take time during these next two weeks for yourself and replenish your body, mind and spirit.

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle