sun-big-solar-flare-100910-02Scientist are baffled about the sun’s lack of sunspot activity in the last few days.

The sun’s 11-year cycle is in its peak period right now, called a ‘solar maximum’ … so why has the sun gone quiet?

Solar physicists are calling this the weakest solar maximum in the past 100 years.

Sunspots create giant flashes of light called solar flares as well as the highly dramatic coronal mass ejections, when material is shot way off into space. As energy fields on the surface of the sun get twisted up and tangled together, it is eventually released in a very explosive way.

Can the sun’s strange silence be explained with astro-numerology?

The sun enters its “home sign” Leo on July 22. A few days later, on July 26, the Sun and Moon join as one with Jupiter in one of the most spectacular New Moons ever.

Coupling these two events is shifting the sun to a higher frequency.

The music of the sun is changing.

And it’s happening on a 22/4 Day and 26/8 day – in numerology these numbers are fatefully connected. The hand of Destiny is at play.

You may be feeling the incredible intensity right now.

Something is about to explode.

When the sun is involved, any release is all about PASSION and COURAGE.

You are driven right now to accomplish a goal. You have an extra dose of courage at your disposal to ACHIEVE.

Define what your goal is.

Mars enters its ancient ‘home sign’ of Scorpio on July 25, hours before the fortunate New Moon. Mars will give you that extra shot of energy. Mars rules Aries and is driven to GO for it. Use Mars to move forward positively and confidently.

The sun is being expanded by Jupiter. And it’s all happening in Leo:

Jupiter governs expansion, prosperity, optimism. Leo governs the lion that roars.

I think you get the picture…

I will be celebrating this event with you all week long.

Love and Blessings,


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